You Can Pedal For Your Future

Akkent-Karataş street no. 416-412 was chosen as the pilot region within the scope of the “Pedal for Your Future Project” prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Health, environment, transportation and economic [more…]


THY, 3. Airport ready

“We aim to be the best airline company in the world,” said THY Chief Executive Officer Aycı. THY, who will gather his team in Antalya and brainstorm 3rd Airport preparations [more…]


RayHaber 11.01.2018 Tender Bulletin

Car Rental Service Will Be Taken Work Safety Materials Will Be Purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ) Personnel Service Will Be Taken Traction Engine Industry Production Service Will Be Taken An Electrification Plant will be built on the Torbali-Odemis-Fork-Tire Line Section. [more…]