The World's First Train to Go Without Machines

the first train of the world
the first train of the world

One of the most established professions in the history of transportation, mechanics is history. After autonomous cars, the line came to the trains, which were the sole rulers of the railway. The world's largest train journey in Western Australia, the first train service without machinists took place.

China-based mining company Rio Tinto began using the world's first fully-fledged autonomous train. The company is expected to enter a different sector with this activity outside the mining sector. The train has taken a historic step by transferring the load on a 100 kilometer road without a man in any car.

Liderlik We are happy to lead this autonomous technology that will provide a long-term competitive advantage in building future mines, etmek said Chris Tinto Chairman Chris Salisbury. With our current workforce, we are preparing new branches of work that will be a part of our sector. Mevcut

Rio Tinto's first expedition for iron ores in Pilbara, Western Australia, was the first step of the company. In fact, autonomous trains have been used since the beginning of 2017, but in any case the machinists were in charge.

Rio Tinto wants to have a fully autonomous train fleet by 2018. However, first of all Australia will have to get approval from its legal authorities.

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