BTK Railway Project with a dream, a date has taken place

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, participated in a test drive in the direction of Tbilisi-Kars as part of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project.

The Turkish delegation accompanied Georgian Minister of Economic and Sustainable Development Giorgi Gakharia and Cavid Gurbanov, the President of the Azerbaijani Railways Administration.

Arslan, who answered the questions of journalists in the train, said that this project which is carried out by the three countries around the world is very important for the development of economic and human relations.

Arslan touched upon the feasibility studies of the project and said, in We accompany the test of a train departing from Baku from Tbilisi to Kars. 19 We are seeing all the shortcomings in our travels in July. After that, we have reached the stage of continuous test transport. I would like to thank other ministers who have brought the project to the present and they have realized a dream and a history. Pro

“It was a process that looked like a dream“

BTK emphasized that the railway is an important project to strengthen the brotherhood and friendship of the Azeri, Georgian and Turkish peoples, Arslan continued:

Başkan During the period of Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, the processes related to the project have begun during the term of the Prime Minister. As a result of the negotiations between the three countries, this process seems to be a dream. I also had the chance to take part in this team as bureaucrat. Since then, there have been sometimes troublesome processes, and sometimes there are times when we hesitate to see if we can't agree or not. Our bureaucrats experienced the times we negotiated until the morning. I know that the programs we started in the morning continue until the next morning. We had seen that the friendship of the three countries would demonstrate the will for such a project. Üç

As a result of the studies initially 1 million, 6,5 million passengers are expected to be transported in the future processes, said Arslan, the first phase of the 3,5-4 million tons of the annual load-carrying capacity of 15-20 million tons in the future reported that they expect to reach.

”100 has a million ton load movement“

Arslan stated that test drives will be carried out in the first stage of the freight transportation and added:

Ecek It will take some time for the other countries in the neighboring regions to get used to and get used to. It is not healthy to give a figure today. Between Asia and Europe to all countries in the route 'single way, one generation' will serve in accordance with the expression. 100 from the sea and alternatively there is a load movement expressed in millions of tons. Compared to them, the project will provide many advantages. Our goal is a significantly 100 million tons of cargo movement from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to help attain the target market out. Uneconomic transportations will also become economic with the time and tariff advantage. This project will create new carrying capacities and will be advantageous for loads that can go to new markets. We are very hopeful about the project. Proj

After the voyage, the Minister visited Ahılkelek Station and examined the Border Tunnel.


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