New staff of 89 has been published in the official newspaper

In the 17 dated August issue of the Official Gazette, new cadres were introduced to TCDD.

17 Ağutos In the decision published in the Official Gazette dated 2017, it was stated that some public institutions had canceled and new establishments were made.

In the decision published in the Official Gazette, there were no canceled staff at TCDD Transportation Inc. and the new staff of 89 was made.

The titles and numbers of the cadres established by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. are as follows;

Deputy Head of Department: 4
Internal Auditor: 7
Branch Manager: 16
Inspector: 6
Assistant Inspector: 10
Protection Security Manager: 1
Service Manager: 10
Assistant Director of Service: 35
Some of the public enterprises;
1- The annexes (I) listed in the attached (I) list shall be canceled by the annulment of the ones indicated in the column (A) and shall be made in the relevant sections of the scale (I) of Annex 399 and the annex to the Decree Law no. XNUMX,

2- The positions listed in the attached (II) list shall be subject to the revocation of the positions indicated in column (A) and the positions shown in the column (B) shall be changed and the relevant parts of the [1] shall be amended;

On the 19 / 6 / 2017 dated and 3647 numbered letter of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Council of Ministers decided on the date of 399 / 4 / 3 according to the article 7 of the Decree Law No. 2017.


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