The fact that Konya is strong means that Sarajevo is strong.

The fact that Konya is strong means that Sarajevo is strong: AK Party Deputy Chairman, Konya Deputy Ahmet Sorgun and Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek met with Semiha Borovac, Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Borovac, "Konya is meant to be a powerful means to be strong in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Turkey's meant to be a powerful means to be strong and Herzegovina," he said.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the sister city of Sarajevo for a series of meetings and events in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the AK Party Deputy Chairman and Konya deputy Ahmet Sorgun and Konya Mayor Tahir Akyürek Bosnia and Herzegovina Human Rights and Refugees Minister Semiha Borovac'la met.

Konya and Turkey, countries see the satisfaction of guests stated that the Minister heard Semiha Borovac "We had a stressful day in parliament a day earlier. I prayed to find a way out to Allah and renew hope. My Lord has made your visit an occasion. I came back to hope again. In Turkey, while I hope so much effort for us, we need to show us a lot more effort. I hope we will achieve this, too. Your visit has such a meaning, Ziyaret he said.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality to Sarajevo signed with tram grant to further transported from the protocol's relationship voicing his belief that brought a different dimension Minister Borovac both Turkey and stronger day by day ties with the city, he said.

Stating that Bosnia and Herzegovina is undergoing new developments in the economic, political and cultural field, Borovac said, içinde We are going through a difficult period in our country. There are some difficulties that I cannot form a single government. But we will still be able to overcome difficulties by fighting. We need to give importance to the multi-culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We must live here with our history, faith and culture. We have to provide this area in the area of ​​51 thousand square kilometers. Im

Konya and Human Rights and Refugees Minister who praised Turkey Semiha Brovac "I've been in a period of Konya. 1.5 was a fast growing city with a large number of inhabitants. It was a city that I admired and exemplified by its historical past culture and urbanization. Today, I am very happy to see the representatives of this city in my country. Konya urbanism literally leading the economically developed cities in Turkey. We care about being strong Konya and Turkey. Because of Konya meant to be a powerful means to be strong in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey's meant to be a powerful means to be strong, "he said.


Bosnia-Herzegovina's self is a special place, saying that the AK Party Deputy Chairman Ahmet query, one of the countries that miss While in Turkey, he said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has come.

Date between Bosnia and Turkey, voicing national and spiritual bond Query "Bosnia has always been a special place in our hearts. When we come to this land, we feel ourselves, in our house, because we share the same belief, we live the same culture. Especially during the last 15 year, our relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina have increased and our ties have been strengthened. In addition to our historical and spiritual ties, we are now establishing a separate connection with our services. Tarihi


The mayor of Konya, Tahir Akyürek, underlined that they did not see the need to serve Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina as different from serving Konya.

President Akyürek said, liği We had a fraternity with Sarajevo and we formalized this brotherhood. This fraternity isn't just on paper. We are troubled with your brother's troubles and become a partner of his joy. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, we made some social and cultural activities here and carried some of our services here. Finally we gave the tram as a gift. After that, we will continue to be in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina by increasing the number of these services. Bundan

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