06 Ankara

Makinistat is a professional and holy

Makinistat profession and the holy is: is established within the scope of the law on the liberalization of rail transport and train operations and 1 January 2017 since the date of the actual activities of TCDD Transportation Inc. not only in our country; In Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus [more…]


Introduction of Trambus from Şanlıurfa Büyükşehir

Trambus from Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality: The Metropolitan Municipality, which tries to facilitate transportation in Sanliurfa by making innovations every day in public transportation, adds trambus to the public transportation system in order to meet the needs of the city. Presentation of trambus projected by Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality in the form of 4 stage [more…]

Intercity Railways

Poetry of a Machinist

3 July, the poem I prepared for the hazır World Mechanic Day X. The mechanic is the sine qua non of the locomotives and trains. Happy the days of all machinists. MAINTENANCE Load-bearing or passenger Electric, diesel or [more…]


Malatya Travel Project Started

Malatya Geziyor Project has begun: Within the scope of “Malatya Geziyor esi project organized by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, the city has started the historical sightseeing tours with open top bus. 10 00 first time, 14 00 [more…]

1 America

Turkish child hit by train in US

In the US, the Turkish boy who was hit by the train lost his life: he died in the state of Virginia in the United States of America when he was a Turkish child of an 13 age. According to local media reports, Reyhan Safoglu is one of the VRE trains in the state of Virginia near the Clifton region. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bosna Train 100 Walk With Young

The Bosnius Train Departed with the 100 Young: The 100 youngster, in collaboration with the World Children's Association and TCDD Transport Inc., to contribute to the world peace and to make sure that the Srebrenista Massacre is not forgotten, is the 22 of the Srebrenica Massacre. the march - Mira march [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Sea Coastal Design Project in Bostanlı

Izmir Sea-Coastal Design Project in Bostanlı: In the ediy Izmir Sea-Coastal Design Project ılar, which was initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase the attractiveness of the city's shores, the 2 in Bostanli was established. The stage came to work. Aiming to connect continuous bicycles and pedestrian roads along the coast to the Mavisehir Opera House [more…]

34 Istanbul

ISBAK Inc. Returns with London Award

ISBAK Inc. was rewarded with a prize from London: Istanbul Bilisim and Smart City Technologies Inc., the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's vision of'n Smart City Istanbul:. (ISBAK) was awarded the ın Company of the Year “award in London. International competitiveness in rekabet Smart City Technologies ” [more…]

34 Istanbul

Antiques in Sirkeci Station

The Sirkeci Railway Station will host an interesting event between the Sirkeci Railway Station and the 2-10. 200 the first time in Turkey close to the antique "Golden Horn Antiques Fair" will perform under the name of a meeting at the Sirkeci Train Station. Antique cars, trains, [more…]