Cankesen visits TÜVASAŞ

Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Tüvasaş appointed as the Director General of Kocaslan in his office by conveying the wishes of the good. Cankesen Transport Transport Officer-Sen Kocaeli Branch President Mehmet Akkus, Sakarya Province Representative İsmail Yıldız, [more…]

06 Ankara

Private Lounge Wagon Renewed!

For those who dreamed of a unique ride on the railway, the private lounge wagon renewed. Here are the renewed features of the private saloon wagon. For those who dream of a unique ride on the railway, the Special Saloon Wagon has been renewed. You want to share with both your business and loved ones [more…]

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7 Russia

New Silk Road Turkey will grow!

Turkish-Russian inter-parliamentary friendship group chairman Deputy Savelyev, "Turkey in this project (the New Silk Road) market and the export volume will grow significantly. Because this transport corridor will shorten the period until the day 10 transportation between Turkey and China "in Russia [more…]


The Trambus Period Begins in Şanlıurfa

Trambus Period starts in Şanlıurfa: The Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates transportation in Şanlıurfa by making innovations every day in public transportation, increases the quality in public transportation with Trambüs. Speaking in the introduction program Trambus President Farmer: ında most of this system [more…]

06 Ankara

Makinistat is a professional and holy

Makinistat profession and the holy is: is established within the scope of the law on the liberalization of rail transport and train operations and 1 January 2017 since the date of the actual activities of TCDD Transportation Inc. not only in our country; In Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus [more…]