Izmir Sea Coastal Design Project in Bostanlı

Izmir Sea-Coastal Design Project in Bostanlı: In the ediy Izmir Sea-Coastal Design Project ılar, which was initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase the attractiveness of the city's shores, the 2 in Bostanli was established. The stage came to work. The construction tender of the project, which aims to connect the cycling and pedestrian roads along the coast to the Mavişehir Opera House, will be held in July. Turkey's largest skateboard parks in the project, tartan track, basketball and beach volleyball courts, such as the remote-controlled model car track will feature many innovative applications.

In order to strengthen the relationship between the coasts and the shores of the people of İzmir, Kar İzmirdeniz- Coastal Design Project ”, Pasaport, Konak Pier - Karataş and Üçkuyular - Göztepe İskele and Bostanlı Creek and Bayraklı 1. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bostanlı 2. He is also participating in the tender for Etap Project. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the implementation projects, will conduct a tender for the construction of 17 July 2017. After completion of the tender, the construction works will start immediately and the project will be completed in 450 days.

Connect to the Opera House

Bostan 1. The project, which covers the area between the Stage Application Area and Mavişehir, completes the uninterrupted and unobstructed circulation line along the coast for the pedestrian and bicyclists who are started in the first place, connecting to the new Mavişehir Opera House square, improving the quality of the space to support the existing coastal usage culture on the Karşıyaka coast and increasing the quality of the new activities. use is aimed at supporting.

Turkey's largest skateboard park

The development of the landscaping work of Bostanlı Coast 2. In addition to this, there will be innovative applications which will increase the attractiveness of the region and bring together the citizens from all age groups. There will be a concrete skate park with an area of ​​4.250 m² where users of wheelchairs can develop their skills (skateboard, BMX, scooter, skate, etc.). The project was developed as a result of communication and collaboration with the project skateboarders prepared in accordance with current approaches and international standards. It will also carry the largest concrete skate park nature areas in Turkey, so that can also host international competitions.

Bostanli Sea and Demonstration Square

In the area opposite to the existing Bostanlı marketplace, 20 has an area of ​​thousand m² and 315 m. a ve Sea and Demonstration Square lu with a beach band length will be created. The project was designed to provide a more direct relationship with the sea as in the Bostanlı Sunset Terrace, and an artificial green hill was designed with the top point 3.5m high on the vehicle road. There will also be practices in the field where concerts and similar shows can be organized. The coastline between the fortification area and the walkway to be formed by using large, natural rocks will be covered with pebbles of various sizes to create a natural beach experience for the user. Wooden platforms and reed pools will create a natural texture within the city. There is a top cover that separates the. Demonstration Square ı and open-air cinema screening areas, which also have a dry pool on it.

A new world

The hiking path along the coast will be organized and connected to the fishing harbor and the future opera square. All this will be done along the coast along the rubber running track. The bicycle path will be completely replaced by the vehicle road, parallel to the vehicle road. Thus, the traffic of the recreation area will be avoided and the coastal use will be made safer. They also have a large ring-shaped secondary bike path to be handy for children. Yasemin Kafe will be rearranged and the living area will expand. The capacity of the car park across the marketplace will be increased and the green parking lot will be redesigned with an environmentalist approach. A green fountain will be set up where children will have fun and cool off. A green amphitheater and a view terrace will allow you to visit the bay from different angles. In order to increase comfort in the area steel-wood and stretching membrane shades, wooden pedestrian paths will be made. Across the area, there will be new precast seating units and city equipment, bicycles and ”Bisim“ parks, modern sculptures, wi-fi in the focus areas. The mobile buffet and automatic city toilets, which have started to be used, will spread to the area. Stone fortifications along the coast will be renewed. All green areas will be arranged and afforested. Shaded, tree-lined wood platforms and sun loungers, calm rest areas and rain water will be collected and evaluated will create wetland vegetation areas.

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