Industrialist does not want to lose time to capture the digital revolution

The industrialist does not want to lose time to catch up with the digital revolution: Before the feast, a set of Rail Systems held a meeting. Turkey's geography and the current state of the global developments and the roadmap announced they have set light rail system for the sector. Kenan Işık, Head of Rail Systems Cluster, shared some of his findings with the participants. Kenan Işık pointed out a very important issue and emphasized that it should be economically strong to be a strong country.

. If you are economically strong, then it is possible to do everything. We will be economically strong to provide this. But there is a difference. Being economically powerful means not being wealth, not having wealth. We saw him very recently, last year, we expect our enthusiasm and those who invest in Turkey friendly and brotherly State of Qatar and its people, we sent planes last week with bread. So it wasn't just money and fortune. If you are economically strong and the structure is intact, you can stand. Otherwise, you can take your money, your fortune in a day, and even if you have money, you can't get your needs. We need to be able to evaluate the events from different angles. These days are really important. We are not politicians, we are not politicians, we are industrialists, we are business people, we do business. What we're going to do is work for them. ”

”What are we looking for?“ He asked. ”We're not looking for anything,“ he said. He said that there are historical facilities in Eskişehir. Var 250 is the country's first local Karakurt locomotive, a revolution car. We have an Air Supply and Maintenance Center that was built on the other side of the city. We have a sugar factory, so this city has a legacy, it has a history. It must be only to this past that has fallen to us, to stand up to this heritage, to build our future upon it. Sadece

Then he talked about the trends in the world. Trend There are some trends in the world, changing. Everything we do today has to be part of something in the future. There are things we need to pay attention to. There are regional changes, economic, technological, metadata currents, the global global balances of the world are changing and we cannot ignore them. Bölgesel

Ti While thinking in Eskişehir, we will have to first consider our city, then our region, then our country, then our geography and then the world,, he continued. He said that there is a very basic change in the world in terms of global value chains. . When you look at the production cost index, China, Asia was very cheap. The latest data shows something very interesting. America was able to compete in production cost indices in a very serious way. The Americans were saying that this will be the production base, our energy costs will go down to zero. Production shifts to emerging markets with low labor costs. This line is really a crossroads in Turkey. The production groups, which now go with great excitement, are slowly returning from the Far East. We need to look at what remains in this geography during this turn. Of course, there is an advantage when we look here in Turkey. We can still be invested, we can compete in production. But this is not a sustainable situation. Because these parameters are the starting point of the indicators of the main trend called 4.0 or digital transformation. Çünkü Saying that it is a very important chain that needs to be broken, he has to move from low value-added production to high value-added production. If not, the vicious circle had no chance of coming out and there was no chance to go further. Iz That's why we have to consider high value-added and technological products in everything we do. Besides, there is no value in what one of us does, and the things we do together have value. So we have to create value chains, O he said.

So how's all this going to happen? What does the industrialist want from the state? Not only the members of the Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster, but also all of the industrialists we meet have the same expectation. In order to be a strong country in the region and in the world, the economy must be strong, and in order for the economy to be strong, the uncertainty of the country is expected to take the necessary measures to improve the incentives, incentives, high interest rates, exchange rate volatility and structural reforms. The common issue is the peace, security and stability in the country. In a nutshell, industrialists now want to see more of their time and do not waste more time in order to produce prosperity and capture the industry 4.0, where the world is rapidly transforming.

Source: Tülay TAŞKIN - I

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