Akçaray was hit by gold for İzmit traffic

Turkey's economy lifeblood of Kocaeli, Istanbul and Europe, a major intersection where all vehicles pass through the border of extending Anatolia and Asia also. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great strides in transportation, aims to solve the possible problems that will be experienced in urban transportation by 2010 both in the present and future with the Transportation Master Plan prepared in 100.

Within the scope of the Master Transportation Plan, the city rail system tram project was implemented last month; 15 began flights as of July. The name and color of the tram, which is one of the vision projects of the Metropolitan Municipality, was determined by the Kocaeli public survey. Turquoise blue tram, the role of Karamürsel Alp in the conquest of Kocaeli, Onur Alp and Akçakoca Bey, 3 was named after the historical person Akçaray.

Kocaeli, and in particular the district of Izmit, suffered from the harsh traffic in recent years. A big problem in the city is to go from one place to another. In order to solve the problem, Izmit Municipality initiated a project to expand the use of bicycles and became successful. Akçaray is a significant acceleration in the way of relieving traffic distress and even a golden stroke.

It is a pride for Akçaray to be produced locally. All the installations of Akçaray, which contributed to the economy of the country, were carried out by a Turkish company. Akçaray has shown to us that we should trust our local companies as well as to show what Turkish companies can do.

Since the project was spread over a long period of time, there were occasional protests.
However, as with any project, we need to focus on the outcome. Since the tram service in Izmit, it is a preferred transportation vehicle and it expresses its satisfaction at every opportunity.

As it is known, the most important means of transportation in developed European countries is the tram. The trams, which are constantly equipped with new technologies, provide faster service. Izmit is a city familiar with the rail system. For many years, the luminaires, freight trains, electric trains were part of life. Today, the so-called 'walking path' was once the train. In 1999 the train service was stopped; In 2000 the train tracks were removed. This year was a milestone for the rail system.
Akçaray received full marks from international fairs

Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, Akçaray'ın, Inno Trans, such as the world's most important exhibitions exhibited and noted that the full note, tam 300 passenger carrying capacity Akçaray'ın 14,8 kilometers along the line of infrastructure has been completely renewed. In this respect, the production of 30 kilometers of infrastructure was carried out in different works from drinking water to sewage, electricity to natural gas. During the course of road works along the line, 70 tone asphalt paving was carried out daily. 2 thousand 500 tons of asphalt was laid in total for both tramways and roads. 15 thousand cubic meters of stone were laid and the visualization of the tram areas was provided. There are 4 units on the Akçaray line where the 7 center and 11 side platform will be located along the route X.

Karaosmanoğlu emphasized that the stops that will start from the bus station were determined as Yahya Kaptan, Yenişehir, Bekirdere, Mehmet Ali Pasha, Democracy Square, Courthouse, Yeni Cuma, Fevziye, Gar and Seka Park. 4 meters and 5 meters will be the middle, 4,5 meters and 4 meter side platforms. Screens will be 2,5 meters long; disabled ramps, disabled lines will be found on the platforms engelli.

We would like to congratulate Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and President İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu for this important service. This project of domestic production has been a good example for other mayors.

Source : I www.dunya.co

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