Bus and Tram Free in Bayram in Gaziantep

gaziantepte feast bus bus tram free
gaziantepte feast bus bus tram free

Bus and Tram Free for Holidays in Gaziantep: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has completed its preparations for citizens to spend a holiday in a comfortable, peaceful and safe environment.

Transportation, safe shopping, cemetery, tourism, along with a number of measures that offer convenience to the citizens of the municipality, 4 daily holiday holidays and took measures to ensure a peaceful past.

Bayramda Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality buses and trams will be free, while private public buses will provide discount service.

In addition to the free bus service, buses connected to the Metropolitan Municipality on the eve of the day will provide free transportation to Yeşilkent and Asri cemetery every half an hour between 06.00 and 19.00 at Balıklı Square.


The Directorate of Cemetery, which will serve the citizen with the 24 watch team during the festival, will also present Yasin'i Şerif to the citizens who will visit their relatives or relatives.

In the cemeteries where the meditation, paving and cleaning works are carried out, the 24 clock announcement system will be read by the Quran.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality will distribute about 10 pine and rose saplings free of charge in the cemeteries in the center.


In the meantime, within the Department of Municipal Police, motorized, mobile, civilian and official teams, beggars, peddlers, hawkers took measures against the negativity, in addition to the routine inspections of businesses in the country's shopping facilities, sales and products offered to the sale increased frequency.

Civilian teams and official police teams, traffic closed pedestrian zones considering the intensity of shopping, 24 hours until the festival was assigned to avoid any negativity.

In addition, citizens will experience all the negativity of the Metropolitan Municipality "ALO 153" will be able to call the line.



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