Karsiyaka tram line test drives started

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karsiyaka Scaffolding-Mavişehir between the 8.83 stop on the 14 stall as a planned tram line April 2015 began to work on the rail. There was a surprise development, and the test began yesterday.

In the scope of ıy Konak and Karsiyaka Trams Project ”, which was started to be constructed in order to increase comfort in public transportation and to diversify the environmentally friendly transportation, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality had a surprise development while planning the first trial expedition 28 in December.

Within the framework of the construction works carried out by the Department of Suburban and Rail System Investments, 750 Volt electrical current was started to be applied to the kataner wires for the test runs between Mavişehir and Bostanlı Bridge on the Karşıyaka tram line. The first test drive was also carried out today.

President Kocaoğlu said,. We started the test drive at the Karşıyaka tram. Do not be surprised if suddenly comes out, ars he wrote.


On the 8.83 stop line between Karşıyaka İskele-Mavişehir and 14 stop line, rail laying works started on April 2015. The tram, which will run as a double-line, will start from Alaybey and continue along the coast from the coast of Karşıyaka, and will run a double line by the sea in the area up to the Suat Taşer Open Air Theater. After that, the tram, which will continue as 2 separate line on the sea and land side, will be united in Bostanlı Deresi Bridge area and will complete the route from Cengiz Topel and Selçuk Yaşar Avenue to Caher Dudayev Boulevard and complete its route at Ataşehir Station at the end of Mavişehir İZBAN Depot.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the incoming passenger requests by evaluating the Karsiyaka tram line Çiğli İZBAN Station, Izimr Katip Çelebi University and Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone was approved for the preliminary project. The project will start in the middle of 2017.


With the launch of Konak and Karşıyaka trams, the annual 19 bin 272 tons, carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles, and 251 bin 795 tons, electric buses and other transportation investments will be reduced by a thousand tons of 648. Transportation investments and carbon dioxide emissions will decrease by 25 and İzmir will breathe with nature friendly transportation. Konak and Karsiyaka tram lines and the total cost of the 38 vehicle will run on these lines will find 390 million TL. The two tram lines will run at peak times during 3 minutes and 4 '5 at other intervals.

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