Citizens Stop The Train Looking At The Reaction (Video)

Citizens stopped the train in the way of looking for the reaction: The train to Aydin from Söke district of Aydın was stopped by passengers by the emergency brake on the grounds that it did not leave 3 for months.
Aydın's Söke district to Izmir, the train, allegedly 3 for months, the citizens did not leave the stop this situation led to reactions. Passengers who rebelled against the situation, pulled the emergency brake and stopped the train in action.
A group of citizens working in various areas in İzmir, who were living in Selçuk but provided by train, made an action at Selçuk Train Station. Selçuk, who move from 06.49'daki Söke about 3 months since Torbalı voyage voiced voyage voiced passengers, this situation asked to be resolved as soon as possible.
Passengers, the Söke train to Izmir does not make sense of the passengers do not make a sense, after leaving their passengers at the Tepeköy Station, the empty path continues as suggested.
A group of citizens who want to reach various workplaces in Izmir by train from Selcuk, late in their jobs so many people lost their jobs, and many local and foreign tourists missed the aircraft hours, he added.
TCDD'dan monthly subscriber ticket, after they went to the workplace in Torbalı to go to the airport with an additional ticket to the passengers reminded the passengers, indicating that the subscription is invalid, said that they suffered economically.
Passengers who went to Basmane Station without any justification and said that the train went to Torbalı for about 3 months, said the following:
Ord We were going to Basmane Station with the Soke train moving from Selcuk in the morning before. But about the same train as 06.49 months is leaving us at the bagged station. But there is a short time between the train we landed in Torbalı and the motion of İZBAN, and we cannot catch up with İZBAN, we naturally miss the train. We even did a survey on this. We were not informed about whether the matter would be resolved. However, we are late for our work. Some employees can go to their jobs at 2, which is a big problem. We want the Soke train departing from Selcuk every morning and the last stop of the Soke train as Basmane Station. We want the authorities to find a solution soon. I
Passengers who prevented the train from moving for a while in the morning were calmed down by the police. Following the action, the train moved to Torbalı.

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