Ibrahim Civici's 20 year holiday craving this time was prevented

Ibrahim Civici's 20 year holiday aspiration this time the obstacle was prevented: In the town of Aydin's Nazilli 20 years holiday vacationer Ibrahim Civici'nin can not go to vacation dream of this time also prevented the coup attempt.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Nazilli as the guardian way connected to the Station Headquarters employees Ibrahim Çivici in an interview last year can not go to 20 years holiday mention it on social media users have been mobilized and nailers were collected 86 thousand signatures to send holiday. With the control key in his hand 75 kilometers a week walk, control of the railroad who do not remain indifferent to the dream of Çivici Istanbul Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, the family had a holiday holiday in a holiday village.
Prepared to go on holiday with the support of Istanbul Fatih Municipality Çivici, due to the removal of permits due to the coup again could not meet holiday. Counting the days for the holiday Çivici, 15 July, due to a traitorous coup attempt could not go on holiday. Çivici had to postpone his dream of vacation when he couldn't use his permit between 20 and 10 August after the removal of the permits of public employees after the coup attempt.
Ibrahim Civici said that he could not go on holiday because of the coup, rather his family went on holiday. Çivici, said:
Am I had to use my permission to the 10 until August. When my family went on vacation, I was gone. I talk to them every day. They have said it is a five star, very nice holiday village. For the first time, and perhaps for the last time, they are vacationing in such a luxurious hotel. I couldn't go but get health. Was not fortune. May Allah not give our country a taste. Turkey condition of our more important. I thank to Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, Rukiye Demirkan, who opened a petition and I would like to thank everyone who signed up for me to go. Let their rights be halal Haklar

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