Izmir's tram projects have been made against transportation planning techniques

Izmir's tram projects have been made against transportation planning techniques: Dr. According to Oral's report, tram projects were ına contrary to the general principles and principles of urbanism and transportation planning techniques Oral.
The city planner, transportation and traffic planning expert who contributed as a consultant to the Izmir Transportation Master Plan prepared by 2030 for the purpose of shaping the urban transportation until the year of 2009. The report prepared by Yıldırım Oral shows the mistakes in Konak and Karşıyaka tram projects. In the case filed by 335 for the annulment of the ongoing Konak and Karşıyaka tram projects, which are still under construction, the plaintiff prepared the request of Gülşen Çamurcu and prepared the report to the court. projects are imperative. . It is the impression that such changes cannot be said to be lar details aki after the production of the mentioned routes and that there are other uncertainties in the production, and the shortcomings in the public information appear to be an impression that a definite project has not been done Oral. Oral pointed out that the Izmir Transportation Master Plan, which came into force in 2009, was outdated, Proj Therefore, it is not possible to know how the major investments that will affect the Konak Tramway route will not be included in the revision plan. In other words, it can be said that the current plan (currently valid) that can be used for large investments is not in İzmir. It should be known that this situation will also affect the development plans of 5 bin and 1000 scale, and also require revision of the zoning plan. It is also observed that there have been no inquiries and revision attempts regarding the zoning plans prior to the applications for the Konak and Karşıyaka tram routes. Konak
Suggested that the application of the local tram corridors, the Konak and Karsiyaka trams commenced together, Oral said, kon However, it has the impression that these two tram routes, which cannot be determined according to the exact implementation projects, were put into practice without the necessary, finalized implementation project tests. It is understood that the uncertainties in the project of Konak Tramway are not solved by public participation activities. The same is true for Karşıyaka Tramway, where the itinerary is frequently changing. It should be recognized that all these issues are contrary to the general principles and principles of planning and urbanism as well as transportation planning techniques. As well as the current legislation will create contradictions in terms of ”he said. Noting the importance of transportation master plans in his report, Mr. Oral said, adan The fact that such investments are tried to be put into practice without the repeated inspection of the feasibility audit in the transportation system will lead to a technical conclusion that is diametrically opposed to the main transportation plan approaches Rapor.
Mustafa Kemal Turan, the lawyer of the case filed by the 335 citizen for the cancellation of tram projects, said that Izmir had no transportation master plan that was in force for the year 3. Turan stated that there is nothing to do with Konak, Karşıyaka tramway construction which is made with the illegal transportation system today with the situation stipulated in the old transportation master plan and continued: Tur Today's tramway construction made in the slum slum logic has no place in the derdest zoning plans. So there is an unplanned illegal construction. Lightning in the delegation that prepared the old transportation master plan, the scientific opinion given in the scientific opinion that both a valid transportation master plan, and in the tram zone revision of zoning plans have not been made in the revisions, "he said.

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