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Giant moves on transport

Huge move in transportation: The liberalization achieved in the economy also led to a major revolution in the transportation sector. The move that started during the Özal period accelerated after 2002. Airports, highway and [more…]

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The Eurasian Tunnel is approaching the end

The Eurasia Tunnel was also approached in the end: After Marmaray, the end was also approached in the Eurasia Tunnel. With the historical project, the distance between Göztepe Kazlıçeşme will decrease to 15 minutes. This is after Marmaray [more…]

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Kadir Topbaş's metro destination

Kadir Topbaş's metro target: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, drawing attention to the metro projects in Istanbul, said, “Our goal is to reach the metro within half an hour walking distance of Istanbul. [more…]


MOTAŞ With Its Renewed Face

MOTAŞ with its Renewed Face: In 2007, with the introduction of the law on the use of vehicles suitable for disabled access in public transportation, the purchase of vehicles suitable for disabled access began in 2009. Today [more…]

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Free Bike Parks in the Metro

Free Bicycle Parks in the Metro: İSPARK is expanding free bicycle parks in suitable living spaces and metro stations. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality establishment İSPARK, open car parks throughout the city [more…]