Tender process for the 3 phase rail system in Antalya

In Antalya, the tender process for the 3 phase three rail system line was initiated: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality initiated the tender process for the 23 kilometer 3 phase three rail line. In the first tender, corridor studies of the new line will be made and projects will be provided. With the completion of the process following the tender to be held in 7 August, the new line's kitchen work will be completed within 200 days.

The Metropolitan Municipality launched the tender process to add the third one to the Meydan-Airport-EXPO line, which started after the Fatih-Meydan light rail system line, which was started to be used in 11 and 2009 kilometers. The Varsak-Otogar-Meltem-Nostalgic Tram Line, which will be implemented as the 3 phase in Antalya, will be the biggest transportation investment of the city with its length of 23 kilometers. The tender process will start with the preliminary qualification applications for the 7 August.

The new line works planned by the Metropolitan in Varsak-Otogar, Otogar-Meltem, Meltem-Nostalgic Tram, foresees the rehabilitation of the nostalgic line extending to Zerdalilik in Antalya Museum. The 3 stage of the rail system will start from the old Varsak Municipality. Starting from this point, the line will extend from the middle median to the crossroads of Sakarya Boulevard along Yeşilırmak Street. Here, the underground line will be located on Sakarya Boulevard again in the middle median and will be connected to the current line at the bus station. The length of the route was planned as 12 kilometers.

In the tender specifications, it is stated that there is no technical problem for the line to connect with the existing line at the bus station. In the specification, it was stated that the existing underground station was built in two ways to connect a single line. According to this, the single error will be reduced before the double lines to the junction area for junction in the stall and will be united under the ground to the blinded connection structure.

The bus station will also be used as a transfer point. Passengers wishing to pass the old line to reach the city center. However, passengers who want to reach Akdeniz University Hospital, Courthouse or Training and Research Hospital from Varsak will continue their journey with the same vehicle. The Otogar-Meltem line, which is approximately 5 kilometers long, will rise above the middle median of Dumlupınar Boulevard. In the journey that will continue as a cross-section, Meltem will go back to the underground under the approach of approach and will reach the Training and Research Hospital through Meltem Neighborhood and reach as a level crossing. The line will merge with the nostalgic tram line at this point. With the rehabilitation of the 6 kilometer nostalgia line, the 3 phase one from Varsak to Zerdalilik will be completed.

Metropolitan Municipality of 200 demanded completion of all kitchen work related to the said line during the day, the current and future travel demands will be determined in the mentioned transportation corridors. For this, field research will be done, on weekdays, at least 8 hour, vehicle and passenger counts will be made. At least one 4 survey will be carried out in the study, the structure of the ground will pass the line, the distance to the transformer, zoning status, such as all the elements that can affect the construction work will be looked at.

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