25 Erzurum

Color images from Palandoken

Colorful images from Palandöken: Palandöken is one of the world's most important winter tourism centers with its long tracks, burning sun, nature and facilities. 5 star Xanadu in Palandoken [more…]

18 Cankiri

New hotel in Ilgaz ski resort

New hotel for Ilgaz ski center: The official institution building in Ilgaz Mountain Yıldıztepe Ski Center will be put out to tender to be operated as a hotel. Çankırı Governor Vahdettin Özcan told reporters [more…]


Ispartaya Monorail Coming

Isparta Monorail is Coming: Isparta Municipality is starting to work to implement the monorail system, which is one of the city's urban transportation options. If the project is launched [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus Accident Flights Aksattı

Metrobus accident disrupted the trips: Due to a metrobus that crashed around Edirnekapı, the services and traffic flow were interrupted for a while. Metrobus accident between Edirnekapı-Bayrampaşa stations in Istanbul [more…]


Homer Boulevard 7 will travel kilometers

Homeros Boulevard will extend 7 kilometers: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the Homeros Boulevard in the first stage of the “express” route that will connect Buca to the Bus Terminal, for the remaining 7 kilometers section [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Mostar Bridge

Mostar Bridge is a little known world wonder: The British BBC broadcasting company has shown the historical bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina among 7 less known wonders of the world. in Rome [more…]

Intercity Railways

Drug operation on the train

Drug operation on the train: 5 kilograms of 200 grams of heroin were seized in the passenger train in Kırıkkale. 5 kilograms of 200 grams of heroin were seized in the operation organized on the passenger train, 2 people [more…]

47 Norway

Railway monopoly in Norway

Railway monopoly is being removed in Norway: The Norwegian government plans to open railways across the country to the private sector. According to the news of the newspaper Aftenposten, the monopoly of the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) will be removed and [more…]