Free skiing and snowboarding for young people

Free skiing and snowboarding opportunities for young people: 5 has been organizing skiing and snowboarding for 20 for years.

Bülent Nevcanoğlu, a professional skier who stated that the association was established for the purpose of enabling and enhancing civil society activities in all winter and summer sports, especially skiing and snowboarding, said: ve To prepare opportunities for improving the physical and mental health of sports lovers, we have taken the task to guide them to be productive, üret he said. Skiing and snowboarding trainings will be given to young people of the 7-21 age at the school that will be established at the Saklıkent Ski Center.


Nevcanoğlu underlined that the registration is completely free of charge to the Association of Skiing and Ski Club of Antalya. We want to represent Antalya in national and international competitions by training professional athletes within our club. Biz


In order to participate in national competitions, Nevcanoğlu stated that firstly they should organize local competitions such as provincial championships. We are preparing the infrastructure for ski and snowboard races such as Governor's Cup, Metropolitan Cup. We aim to turn Saklıkent Ski Center into a ski resort where the best athletes of the world make their skiing by removing the logic of a unified picnic day. S