Menemen - Manisa Double Line Railway Project Contract signed with the winning company

TCDD Menemen - Manisa Dual Line Railway Project Infrastructure tender winner contract was signed with a joint venture

New developments regarding the tender of. Menemen - Manisa 9 km New Double Line Railway Infrastructure Construction apı of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) were recorded.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The contract was signed with the joint venture of Yertaş - As İnşaat.
The approximate cost of 131.938.493.29 was determined as:
1. Akkord
2. Outdoor Construction
3. ACS Inc.
4. Aytin Construction - Ikbal Cinar
5. Arges - Alfen Construction
6. Construction
7. Assignia - Elron Construction
8. Bergiz Construction
9. Burkay Construction
10. Barankaya Construction
11. B.Early Road Construction
12. Divers - Nuhoğlu İnş.
13. Detail Road - Yüngül
14. Doruk - YDA Construction
15. Eksen Construction
16. Farrin Yol - Shuttle
17. Fermak - Özyurt Construction 18.Gürsel-Kerimoğlu - Oktaş
19. Young Construction
20. Haydar Sezen
21. İntekar Construction
22. Karfen A.Ş.
23. Kalyon Construction
24. Kolin Construction
25. KLV Construction
26. Micro - General Construction
27. M.Turan - MSM
28. View Mehmet's Full Profile
29. Nas Construction
30. Nurşah Construction
31. Nil Yapı - H.Peker
32. Nursoy - Doğuş Construction
33. Özaras Construction
34. Öztaş A.Ş.
35. Özge Construction
36. Özgün Construction
37. Pekhan Inc.
38. Sigma - Akçadağ Construction
40. STY - Koçoğlu
39.Selfa-Ali Yetis-M.Ali Unal
41. Uransan Inc.
42. Compliance Structure
43. Ünitek - Tour Construction
44. Yazıcıoğlu - Duru Construction
45. YSE Construction
46. Yoruk - Ermit Construction
47. Yertaş - As Construction
48. Zeydanlı Construction
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1201 / 06 October 2014 (APE)

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