Let's have a hand for the guy stuck in the subway (Video)

Let's be hand man for the man trapped in the subway: frequent in Turkey failed Metrobus, subway, came from a similar marmaray images of Australia. For the passenger trapped in the subway, hundreds of people signed an interesting 'hand throwing' solidarity.

A passenger in Perth, Australia, slammed his foot into the space between the subway and the station. Passengers at the station pushed the subway car sideways and managed to save the passenger's jammed foot.

In the incident that took place at Stirling Station in Perth, a passenger was about to take the subway and accidentally hit the space between the metro and the station. Stuck in the foot after the event, the man was unable to take his foot off despite his efforts. Officials warned that he should not move his homeland. Then all the passengers pushed the subway sideways, and the man, who had stood with his foot, managed to save his foot from the gap. Authorities stuck the leg after the accident, the man was not seriously injured and continued to leave his journey was announced.


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