Izmir's tram project caused a parking crisis

The tram project of Izmir caused a parking crisis: the residents of Izmir, President Kocaoglu, X 1000 parking garage in İnciraltı,'n he said, oldu Where is İnciraltı where is Sahil Bulvarı? This is the distance. Where will we put our vehicles, the sea? Ko He reacted.

In order to start the construction of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the contractor firm was prepared to deliver the place, and the'n car park Bel crisis was faced with the tram project. Fahrettin Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar Tramway will destroy the parking lots at the 1900 vehicle capacity at Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, which revolted the citizens living in this region. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu proposed a formula that would raise the debate on citizens about the parking crisis. Kocaoğlu, who explained that they will develop an underground car park project in the area that has a landfill area, showed the address to Inciralti, which is 4-5 kilometers away.

Reacting suggestion
Kocaoglu participated in a TV program "Chamber of Civil Engineers will be very difficult to explain this underground car park can not reach the tram, where these tools will be put," he said. Inciraltı recreation area has a parking lot for thousand cars bin replied. Kocaoglu, Inciralti citizens can move to their homes also expressed free. "You're planning to make a car park that will quadruple him by spending 400 million lira on the tram," Kocaoglu said, "How four times?" The figure will appear as a result of the project. The cost has nothing to do with 400 million pounds, Maliyet he said. The residents of the region who react to Kocaoğlu's statement, bölge Where is İnciraltı where is the Boulevard Boulevard? This is the distance. Where we will put our vehicles, the sea, "he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality has made an important investment for transportation, but it was initially discussed, without thinking, the problems were discussed as stated that the Civil Engineer Room Izmir Branch President Ayhan Emekli, meden While doing something to be considered within the scope of the project, instead of finding solutions to the problems that arise in this way instead of finding a solution in Izmir it should be dealt with in advance. daha Retired, otopark At the moment it is not definite, under the road or in certain parts of the road underground car parks are thought. It is possible to build an underground car park on the coastal boulevard, but it has an important cost. Serious measures should be taken against groundwater. Economic return and technical feasibility should be solved in this way rather than the parking problem should be discussed before this, teknik he said. Emre emphasized the need to address a system that transfers passengers from the tram to the subway, from the ferry to the municipal bus and to transfer passengers to each other. He said that the continuous structure of the city has changed since then and that there is no up-to-date Transport Master Plan of İzmir, which deals with passenger and vehicle traffic since 2009.

Must use the motorway
Özlem Şenyol Kocaer, İzmir Branch President of the Chamber of City Planners, underlined that the tramway passing through the parking lot and green area should use the vehicle road according to the present project, said: Od It is not right to project such a thing without sufficient feasibility study if underground parking lots will be done Mevcut. He said the Üçkuyular tram should be passed over the road used by the vehicles and not as presently planned, saying, vay So the green tissue here can be protected. Karsiyaka Tram line passes in front of the ferry port. There will also be a bidirectional use. For this reason, it is risky for the security of citizens. Necessary measures should be taken, Gerekli he said.

3 admitted after years
On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality of Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro Line construction of the Poligon and Üçkuyular stations in the coming days will be opened in the danger of the region about the danger came almost like a confession. Yesterday morning in the statement made by the municipality in May 2011 and 3 for years, the public has been hidden from the public tear of the concrete was confirmed. In the statement, the first tear occurred due to water pressure, while the second tear in 2012 was never mentioned. On the other hand, in addition to the tunnel rupture, also participating in a TV program Kocaoglu said there was a landslide during the work. Kocaoglu, olmadı Drainage system envisaged in the project and it is said to be not enough. The report prepared by METU is his report. The contractor wants this bütün All necessary measures have been taken in this regard. We expected the 13 Moon University to do the project to pass the 9 meter location. There was a landslide. That land should not slip. A lot of chemicals were predicted. We've taken 6 tons of chemicals, it's where we first hit. Then there was the project again. You're not going around the Bostan field. Problems were exceeded. The trains below are coming right now. There is no distress, Hiçbir he said.

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