Debate discussion in Germany

Debate in Germany: The allegation that Ronald Pofalla, the former state minister in charge of the prime minister's office in Germany, will work at the railway company DB.

Ronald Pofalla, who was cited as one of the close names to Prime Minister Angela Merkel in the German public, was deteriorated by the global espionage scandal. Pofalla, who was in charge of the intelligence services during his term, announced last December that he had abandoned politics due to family reasons.

The fact that Pofalla will be assigned to the management of the German Railways Corporation Deutsche Bahn (DB) came into the agenda earlier this year, and the Supervisory Board decided to put a wait period of one month before the former politicians were assigned to the group.

German Railways Corporation Deutsche Bahn (DB) Chairman Rüdiger Grube announced that Gr The Audit Committee to meet on Wednesday will discuss the issue of Pofalla Alman.

According to allegations reflected in the media, Pofalla will be responsible for the development of political, economic and international relations at 1 January 2015.

The reaction of the opposition

Anton Hofreiter, Chairman of the Green Party Federal Parliament Group, described Pofalla's chances of being assigned to the DB as "corruption." Lendiril Pofalla has been rewarded for the decisions taken by the DB and its management during the ministerial mandate, Hof Hofreiter said.

Indan It must be at least a yearly 3 waiting period, “said Hofreiter, who called for legal arrangements for former politicians who will work in the public and private sectors.

Sabine Leidig de Pofalla, the transportation expert of the Left Party, criticized the fact that the DB would be assigned to the top management. Leidig evaluated the possible task to be given to Pofalla with the words, an unjustified act of political pollution Le.



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