Workshop on Transportation in Adana

Transportation Workshop in Adana: In the “Transportation Workshop tarafından organized by Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Adana's traffic and transportation problems and solutions were discussed.

2 day at the Seyhan Hotel Büyük Adana Metropolitan Municipality in the New Metropolitan Government Transport Workshop,, Moderated Prof.. Dr. In the panel held by Mehmet Tunçer, TMMOB Adana Provincial Coordination Committee Secretary Mechanical Engineer Hasan Emir Kavi,, Urban Transportation, Traffic and Environmental Problems in Adana ”, Nazım Biçer, President of Chamber of Civil Engineers Adana Branch,“ Adana Urban Transportation Problems and Solutions ” and Gülcan Ulutürk, Adana Branch President of the Chamber of City Planners, made a presentation on Ulaşım Sustainable Transportation and Planning..

Addressing the transportation policies and planning necessities of Adana, urban transportation planning, problems related to urban transportation problems and the mistakes made, Adana HRC Secretary Hasan Emir Kavi pointed out that Adana is located at the crossroads of internationally important transportation connections and said:

“When we look at the transportation investments and practices in Adana, we see that there are conflicting inconsistent policies. Compliance with traffic regulations and rules in the city center and throughout the city is getting worse.
Streets, pedestrian walkways, roads in areas with a central business area or rapidly transformed into a central business area, and particularly usable roads, have been transformed into actual parking lots.

Rapid and distorted urbanization, industrialization and population increase are also reflected in transportation and traffic problems. Transport is a service and there should be a transport planning and policy in implementing the supply and demand for this service.

The main objective of transportation planning should be to create policies that will facilitate the transportation of people, vehicles and goods in the developing cities and between cities in a short time, without creating environmental problems, ease of transportation and reduce dependence on the transportation sector (automotive sector and petroleum).
Palliative arrangements such as tunnel crossings and under / overpasses that have recently come to the agenda in big cities; It is an indication that the seriousness of the problem is still not understood in our country and that security concerns continue to be a problem. "

Stating that despite the irresistible rise of individual transportation in developed countries, "public transportation" policies have been put forward, and as a matter of fact, even the automobile-focused developed countries put forward the public transportation system, which sees that life dependent on individual transportation is not "sustainable", Kavi said, "The basic principle that should be considered while planning urban transport. One of the criteria is; to what extent the existing transportation network and public transportation systems and facilities can be used. If the existing transportation network and public transportation systems cannot be used effectively, the desired goals and objectives of new infrastructure investments cannot be achieved.

The regulation of urban traffic is also closely related to the city's natural and cultural assets, its image, its protection, its openness to other centers and the world, its urban furniture and aesthetics.

Those who live in the city and want to travel naturally want a traffic order that is fast, does not harm the environment, does not block unnecessary waiting, does not block in certain places and times, minimizes the dangers, designs and implements structures and plans to increase security. Urban and transport policies have to be regulated accordingly.

The issue is not just about transforming transportation into a more efficient one. The positive policies to be implemented are also; It means less energy consumption, more effective use of resources in the economy, a cleaner environment, less traffic accidents, cities that are less concrete and suitable for the scale of human life, in short, a happier society.

For this reason, Kavi emphasized that long term and holistic urban plans should be prepared along with point interventions in the preservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the city.
“The purpose of urban transportation is to ensure the freedom of movement of people, not vehicles, and to facilitate their access to urban activities, to increase the accessibility and service level of the public transportation system and to increase its share in passenger transportation.

The automobile and the city have an incompatible space profile. The way to solve the city-automobile relationship is to increase the number of cars, more roads, more parking spaces, more crossroads, more underpasses, more urban crossings, mak not adapting cities to cars yaparak; to fit the city.
For this reason, the city spaces reserved for cars should be reduced in a planned manner. The main transportation plan of a city is in harmony and parallel with the master plan that completes the spatial construction of that city.
In order to define a city correctly, it is necessary to perceive the visible and invisible aspects of the city well and make accurate determinations.

It is an approach abandoned by experts and scientists many years ago to see the transportation problems in cities only in the congestion dimension.

Every multi-storey intersection in the city also misses control and control over vehicle traffic. At that point, the deposition and melting of the deposition becomes even more difficult.

These regulations, which do not take into account pedestrian movements, shopping activities and service needs of commercial areas along the road, özet ignore the needs of people while giving priority to motor vehicles. Özet
Hasan Emir Kavi, Secretary of TMMOB Adana HRC, pointed out that urban transportation is a non-transferable public and specialty duty to any private institution or individuals. “The Adana Rail System / Metro Project, which should be discussed and emphasized here, is a“ Transportation Unit established by the architects and engineers. ”Why not installed and operated? Why didn't the FDY line, which all experts agree on the use of Adana as a rail system, was not adopted as a rail system in urban transportation and no studies were carried out in this direction? ”

In his presentation “Adana Urban Transportation Problems and Solutions Naz, Nazım Biçer, President of Adana Branch of Chamber of Civil Engineers, stated that Adana's only transportation plan was based on 22 years ago.
In Adana, transportation master plan surveys were carried out in 1992. Imagine a metropolitan that the last and only transportation master plan is based on 22 years ago. It is a natural result of the distorted urbanization that distinguishes the main feature of a city that made its final plan at 1992.

During this time, our city has developed rapidly, received significant immigration, and the population of more than 2 million has brought about the problems of settlement, housing, transportation and traffic. The region known as North Adana has been formed and this region has become populated. Interestingly, our local authorities did not need transportation planning.

As a result of the rapid and distorted urbanization in Adana, the çarp transportation and traffic ”phenomenon has come to the forefront as a problem in urban life in the last two decades. In spite of all the persistence for years, the subway overpasses, bridges, crossroads, which were carefully cared out of Ankara instead of the Transportation Master Plan, and the understanding of local government still trying to run the public transportation system were filled with problems.

Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216. In the article, it is defined among the duties of the municipality to make or to make and implement the main plan of transportation. However, it is seen that metropolitan municipalities do not pay enough attention to the tasks of making and having Transportation Master Plan. It should also be remembered that the Transportation Master Plan will not be able to produce solutions unless it is based on the development plan. Frequent change of zoning plans is the most important factor in the inability or inadequate transportation plans.

The most important problem in planning in our country is the inadequacy of the current Zoning Law no. 3194 in the mainstreaming of transportation and its conclusions. For this reason, this issue is discussed; transportation plan concept should be included in the scope of the law. A Law on Zoning and Urbanization should be established which will include expansions on transportation. The main plan of transportation of cities should be described and made a legal obligation.
In addition, the zoning plan changes that constantly add to the density, the existing zoning law and regulations that cannot take into account the current criteria have turned urban transportation into a mess.

They have fulfilled the duty of informing and enlightening the public many times until today, in order not to make irreversible mistakes in the decision-making processes and implementation phase of important and big projects related to the future of the city, such as the "Rail Public Transport System", which is one of the important mistakes for Adana, and the correct use of public resources. "However, all the warnings we made as TMMOB and the scientific facts we tried to put forward did not find the necessary repercussions in the relevant institutions.

In a project where we think that engineering studies should be done in the real sense based on scientific data, the fact that there are such big mistakes shows that engineering and public benefit is not taken into consideration in Adana Light Rail Transportation System Project.

Today's point is truly deplorable. Evidence of how right we are in our warnings is obvious, and unfortunately history has justified us again. In fact, one of the most important and functional means of public transport is metro or light rail. In all developed cities of the world, the subway is building a network like a network. In other words, one of the first criteria in the development of a city is metro. The legacy and prevalence of Paris, London, and Moscow's subway systems is evidence of why these cities are considered advanced.

However, Adana light rail system has been placed in a city network without a transportation master plan and it has taken its place in the history of the city as a controversial investment due to the problems caused by this as well as the wrong project.
Adana light rail system process started with project and financing problem, continued with wrong route, could not be reached to areas where students and staff live intensively and Çukurova University campus and turned into another lane with serious problems in business administration.

Adana rail system should be taken off the residents of Adana without delay. "
Stating that some possible punctual reliefs that can be observed in the short term, which are said to be made for the purpose of providing "uninterrupted flow" with the intersection arrangements made in Adana, are deceptive, "The problem is often transferred to the next months and / or to other intersections and arteries of the city, or changes form. These multi-storey intersections, which will be made quite expensive, will not benefit from the stated reasons, as they are permanent and affect the whole city, they will cause new problems in some other intersections that are not considered now, and will create expected or unexpected additional problems such as an excessive parking requirement in central business areas.

Considering the future of Adana, taking into account the current conditions, characteristics and needs of the city and its surroundings, a human-oriented transportation planning should be made; This plan should be given a sustainable and dynamic character by constantly monitoring its practices and results. Accordingly, the transportation master plan should be revised every 5 years, ”he said.

In his presentation on Adana Sustainable Transportation and Planning Gül, Gülcan Ulutürk, Adana Branch President of the Chamber of City Planners said that the impression that vehicles are the main means to be transported in urban plans or transportation planning is awakened and that human transportation should be emphasized.

Ulutürk, urban transportation planning approaches in the last thirty years has experienced a major change, he added. Ulutürk pointed out that the problem in urban transportation is understood not to be the transportation infrastructure but to the increasing demand itself.

Hedef In planning, the goal has been to reduce traffic levels, not to ease traffic congestion. This change has been nourished by the concepts of sustainable development which has been developing as an important area of ​​scientific debate since 1980 and the sustainable transportation target has been the main target in urban transportation planning in many countries of the world.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the transport system, the level of CO2 emissions and the use of non-renewable fuel should be minimized from the environmental point of view, and the tendency of urban sprawl and rapid construction of natural areas parallel to the expansion of the transport network should be prevented; economically, energy use, energy outsourcing dependence, lost time costs in traffic and traffic accidents should be minimized; socially, it should be ensured that it is accessible to all segments of the society and that it is affordable for all.
These principles have greatly changed the approaches and practices in urban transport planning; "Minimizing the environmental impacts and energy consumption of transportation by reducing the use of private vehicles and motor vehicle traffic, and providing equal and good access conditions to all users have become universal targets in transportation planning."

Saying that the approaches and practices adopted in urban transportation can be gathered under the title of 5, Ulutürk said:
“Practices to improve public transportation service, practices to improve conditions for non-motorized transportation - bicycle and pedestrian transportation - travel demand management and pricing practices, vehicle-free residential projects and awareness-raising campaigns.

In order to attract more passengers to public transportation systems, rail system investments are made almost everywhere in the world due to the high system capacity and service quality, and the number of bus and bus lane applications that can be realized at much lower costs than rail systems is increasing.

In addition to infrastructure investments, both public transportation system and ticket system are being developed as an integrated system, public transportation system is being provided with information services and users are informed about the transportation possibilities in the city.

In applications related to public transportation, rail system projects have been the most common type of investment in many cities in our country as well as all over the world. Investments make a positive contribution as long as they are designed in corridors with high travel demand levels; However, it is not possible to call all these investments as sample applications. rail systems in practice in Turkey is not perceived as a tool to help reduce the use of private cars and traffic levels. Whereas, a city center with rail system access can be pedestrianized, thus transforming vehicle rides to the center into public transport or pedestrian rides. "

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