High reaction to price in railway transportation

High price reaction in rail transport: Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci complained about the high prices of rail transport. Industrialists who transport the product cheaper than the railroad, indicating that Keçeci, the State Railways, wanted to reduce the price of freight transport prices.

Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci, Merchants Industrialists and Businessmen Platform spokesman of the term, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Necdet Özer'den received. Kakeci, who stated that Kaklik Logistics Center is a very important development in terms of industrialists in Denizli, criticized the high prices in railway transportation.

Keçeci said that the logistics center, which is expected to be completed in the transportation of the products exported from Denizli to İzmir Alsancak and Aliağa ports, is happy to start the service. . Keçeci argued that the State Railways should lower the prices in freight transportation:

. When I transport a ton of cargo from the Aliağa district of İzmir to 18-20, I bring the trucks to 16 dollars. Besides, I'm making three transfers when I'm on a train. I'm bringing him out of there with a truck. Rail transport or road transport should be cheap. State Railways should put his hand on his conscience and make the calculations according to him. If we could transport this cargo to Izmir Port for 15-20 dollars, we can claim that the 10 dollar can grow to two times. The industrialist does not win as much as the money he gives to carry.

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