The Strongest Candidate Mevlana

British Istanbul airport
British Istanbul airport

The strongest candidate Mevlana: The slogan is ready: 'What is good to move from a place every day, nice to be put in a place every day' What will be the most curious about the third airport that will be laid in the middle of June? 'happy start' approached the third airport to be made. The exact date for the groundbreaking ceremony will be based on the program of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There is no clarity about the name of the new airport, which will be the largest in the world when completed.


The name will be given to the airport Prime Minister Erdogan is expected to be announced at the groundbreaking ceremony. While the names are being screened, the strongest candidate in the backstages is the en Istanbul Mevlana Airport İsim. Maulana name of both Turkey and the world on the basis of the election of Mevlana and his great work creates the perception that the Masnavi. After Unesco declared 2007 as 'Year of Rumi', the growing interest had placed Masnavi among the most widely read books in the United States. Centuries ago 'Whoever you are, come again,' he said that the unifying identity of Mevlana is the most powerful global message for the airport.


Or Every day a good place to migrate from a place to be put in a place every day len is also stated to be integrated with the airport, if the name of the Mevlana name is the most obvious motto of the airport is certain that this sentence.


In the four-stage project for the new airport, the first phase was intended to be operational at 2017 and all at 2019. The total size of Terminal 1 in the project is calculated to be 1 million square meters. That's the 143 football field.


The tender for the airport was won by Limak-Cengiz-Mapa-Kolin-Kalyon OGG with 22.1 billion euro + VAT. The total amount with the VAT to be paid is 26.1 billion euros. The partners are also planning to invest a total of 10.2 billion euros in the project.

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  1. To avoid misunderstanding; I am not against the name "Mevlana Airport". Mevlana, both as a person, as a name is very important for me, a very high value means.
    However, with one over, the dictation of various names by the heads of the government always became a stop. I don't want my brother, neither your Law, nor your Conqueror. For me, these zatlar already dead historical values ​​Benim
    Why do not you think Turkish scientists? For example, BEHÇET (Hulusi BEHÇET-1889-1948, discovered by 1937 by Dr. Hekim Dermatologist), name finder (Behcet's Disease = Behcet Syndrom / Hypopyon Iritis). In English, German, French Syn dictionaries “Behcet Syndrom Fransızca. Like Rudolf DIESEL's name, we slide the "DIESEL" into an example of ignorance. Dr.-Ing. INAN gel does not come to mind? Why Prof. Dr.-Eng. Bekir DİZİOĞLU uz These are the famous Turkish engineers, scientists whose books have been translated into foreign languages, known and known, but we are also familiar. The first technical-mechanic (physicist), and the famous expert on gearboxes and mechanisms dizi It is certain that our teacher, who has already died a series and / or is still alive, deserves this.
    This was just an example. I want to emphasize; only to exist already there are eleven, a handful of our age, the name of our people to enlighten, enlighten, move forward, to instill this consciousness of our citizens, to encourage young people, science and technique to encourage. This is how the Science and Technical Society is formed.
    It is not worth this way! Only shrines etc. not cleaned, not cleaned. If we give so much importance to our past (which should be given), our municipalities should give a bit of attention to our graveyards, which are a bit of a graveyard, taking into account some recent history of embarrassment. Each visit causes a different kind of sadness.


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