41 people died in the train accident in Pamukov will be seen again

The train wreck in Pamukovia, where the 41 is killed, will be seen again: the Supreme Court of Appeals did not allow the case in 2004 in Pamukova to fall from the statute of limitations in the case of an accelerated train accident in which 41 was killed.

The Court of Cassation informed the court that the time-out decision was not legal.

In the town of Mekece, near the town of Pamukova, the Court of Cassation ruled by the local court about the time-lapse train crash in which the 41 died. The case will be seen again at 17 June 2014.

Mechanic found guilty

22 2004 41 from Istanbul to Ankara 'Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu' as a result of the derailment of an accelerated train 89 people died, 2 people were injured. The case related to the incident was Sakarya 1. The first decision was made at the 2008 February 2. The case was disrupted by Fikret K., the first mechanic, for 6 year 1 month and second mechanic Recep S. was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for 2011 months. 7 overturned the decision of the mechanics for the second time in September. 2012 The court, which decided for the third time on February 7,5, decided to drop the case due to the expiration of the 12 annual statute of limitations. Victims of the accident, the decision of the time limit for the Supreme Court. The Court of Cassation 132 examining the appeal application. Criminal Chamber, the statute of limitations due to the statute of limitations of the fall is ruled. In the decision of the Supreme Court, expert reports, the first engineer speed limit does not comply with the 8 mileage will enter the speed of 3 8 ratio is found to be defective. The second mechanic reminded him that the 1 8 was flawed because of not warning him. It was noted that 4 was given a defect in XNUMX due to the fact that the speed control was left to the machinists instead of the computer-aided additional measures. High-speed train for the negativity of the superstructure, maintenance and inspection was not taken care of.

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