10 Million Tl Road Allowance to Malatya

10 Million Tl Road Allowance to Malatya: 12 1 billion 66 million pounds of investment in the highway in Malatya.
Chairman of the AK Party Malatya Province Bulent Tüfenkci, 1993-2002 141 843 8 1 66 a year between the amount of investment in the amount of XNUMX a thousand pounds have been made in the XNUMX fold increase in the amount of investment in their ruling said that the amount reached XNUMX billion XNUMX million pounds, he said.
Tüfenkci said, N The 14 2003 kilometers divided road and 2013 billion 3 million pounds were invested in 36-12 in 824 provinces within the scope of Eastern Anatolia Project (DAP) where Malatya is included. Within the scope of this project, the total length of 125 km length Keban-Arapgir-Divrigi Distinction road, 114 km-long Elazığ-Malatya road and 54 km-long Malatya Northern Ring Road have been evaluated. ”Found in the description.


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