Izmir's Tram Lines Map

izmirin tram lines map
izmirin tram lines map

Izmir Tram Map: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has opened an international tender for the 22 kilometer trolley line. The most important feature of the tender was that it included the purchase of vehicles along with construction.

The tender was attended by the 15 consortium, including Turkish contracting companies operating as Doğuş and Alarko. Consortiums, rail system projects in Germany, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Korea, Italy, France, such as important wagon manufacturers took place in countries.

5 consortium tender bid was given together with Bursa's Silkworm tram. Gülermak and Şanbay companies which entered the tender with Ipekböceği as a result of the screening conducted on the previous day, were finals. Thus, no matter who wins, on the streets of Izmir production of tram goes into Bursa was final.

Izmir's silkworm will be different

The 22 million-dollar trolley auction for the 500 kilometer line between Konak and Karşıyaka resulted in the victory of Bursa-based İpekböceği.

According to the tender İ

Durmazlar company 3 will produce and deliver 38 pieces of silkworm trolley within the year. However, the silkworm produced for İzmir will be slightly different.

Because. 26 meter wagons will be produced for Izmir instead of 32 meters long wagons operating on Bursa streets. In addition, while the tram cars in Bursa operate in one direction, the vehicles to be produced for İzmir will be double-sided.




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