Uludag Ropeway Line 31 starts test runs in March

Uludag Ropeway Line 31 is launching its trial in March: Bursa Ropeway 31, which is the longest-distance aircraft in the world, will start its trial on Monday.

Expeditions will start on the 4 bin 980 meter long route between Teferrüç-Kadıyayla and Sarıalan. Construction and construction works between the Sarıalan Hotels Region will be clarified after the decision of the court. One of the symbolic structures of Bursa, the rallying test runs will begin in March, just after the local elections.

Young people from EU member countries who visited Bursa for Young Entrepreneurs Project conducted by Green Bursam Association, supported by the Turkish National Agency and supported by the Turkish National Agency and with the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality and Uludag University, conducted inspections of the cable car construction.

Turkey's first manned aircraft which was redesigned and the cable car service in 1963 EU began investigating over the modernization work of young entrepreneurs, he was amazed at the technological studies.

The young entrepreneurs from Romania, the Polo, Croatia and Bulgaria gave information about Civil Engineer Kemal Kıravatözen, who is a member of Teleferik AŞ, who built the construction with build-operate-transfer model.

Between the Bursa and Uludag 50 year passenger carrying cable cars between Teferrüç, Kadıyayla and Sarıalan total 4 thousand 980 meter length of a facility that reminded Tumözen, renewed project with the cable car up to the center of Uluda central hotels and transportation distance will be 8 thousand 840 meters, he said.

Teleferik AŞ officer Kemal Kiravatözen gave information about the construction and investments of the cable car: lar Bursa ropeway project is the world's longest rope air transport project. The 8 175 cabin will provide service with the 22 cabin. In this way, the capacity of carrying thousand 500 passengers per hour is available. The height of the poles that lead to the transport of the system varies between 395 meters and a thousand 800 meters. Within the scope of the project, 45 is made directly. In this way, even in lodos where the speed is up to 70, the ropeway can easily carry passengers without being affected by the wind. Bu

Vanya Polonova, head of the entrepreneurial delegation from the EU member country and also of the municipal councilor of Veliko Turnova, said that they were amazed at the progress in the industry and technology during their studies and investigations in Bursa. Polonov to, Durmazlar produced in the factory after Turkey's first indigenous tram, the world's longest cable car in Bursa said that they are happy to see done.

Green Bursam Association President Muharrem Karabulut stated that they introduced Bursa to young entrepreneurs from EU member countries. social, cultural and tourism richness, as well as industrial and economic cooperation in the field of bilateral cooperation. Dark cloud. The Polish Romanian delegation showed great interest in tram investments, while the cable car investment won the admiration of all countries.

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