Train scanning system prevented x-ray smuggling

The train x-ray system prevented smuggling: The Ministry of Customs and Trade put in place a method applied in the EU to prevent smugglers from using train cars. With the x-ray device placed in the customs, fast and safe scanning is done in the wagons without stopping the trains. Thus, all kinds of smuggling, including nuclear materials, will be prevented without stopping flights. Turkey's first train x-ray system, Van Kapıköy Railway Border Gate was founded in xnumx't. Thanks to the system, trains arrive at the border without stopping. In the meantime, the traction system x-ray, which is activated, provides a detailed x-ray of the wagons. All kinds of products that are illegally found in the country are detected by sensors.
In the scan made here, only freight wagons are scanned, locomotives are not scanned. No one gets hurt during the operation of the system. Turkey Atomic Energy armor made against radiation exposure with the measures taken by the Authority, its employees and the surrounding creatures safe from radioactive effects. All domestic freight wagons are scanned with X-ray. The system prevents smuggling.
In addition to the x-ray system, the Radiation Detection System, which works in harmony with the x-ray system, has been established at Van Kapikoy Railway Border Gate. With this system, the detection of radioactive and nuclear materials sought to be introduced in Turkey is confiscated.

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