Izmir's first tram lines

The first tram lines of Izmir: In the streets of Izmir, trams were first visible in 1 April 1880. İzmir's first tram line was opened between Konak and Punta (Alsancak). In this process, another important line operating in İzmir was the tramways between Göztepe and Konak. As it is known, the development of Göztepe and Karataş, which were in a summer view until the middle of the 19 century, took place during the period of Mithat Pasha's Izmir governorship. With the fact that Göztepe was preferred as an important settlement in İzmir; Göztepe Street, which opened at the beginning of 1880, was connecting Konak-Karataş and Göztepe. The activity of the street and the fact that Goztepe started to become a new residential area, gave rise to the idea of ​​running a tram on this street after a while. Harenz Brothers and Pierre Giudici, who did not want to miss this opportunity and wanted to evaluate it immediately, had applied to the Ottoman State and had the right to operate the concession.
In the light of these developments, the Göztepe tramway, which was opened for operation in 1885, was initially built as a single line and in 1906, the double fault was converted. The tram started their voyages in the early hours of the day and was the last time in midnight. The cabins, which were designed as open above the trolley trolleys, were arranged as harem, for women and men.
By the year of 1908, Göztepe tram line had been passed to the Belgians, who also undertook the business of Izmir. Again on the same dates, the project was granted permission to extend the Göztepe line up to Narlıdere, but this project could not be realized. In addition to this, the Göztepe '- Güzelyalı line, which was built by İzmir Municipality and whose length was only 1 km., Could be completed. Mounted trams have become one of the most important means used by the people of Izmir in urban transportation. In the last years of the Empire and in the first years of the Republic, horse-drawn trams became indispensable elements of urban transportation. As electricity became widespread as an energy unit, the trams became electrified and 18 started to operate the first electric trams between Güzelyalı and Konak since October 1928. Horse-drawn tramways have now completed their life on the streets of Izmir. As a matter of fact, in line with these developments, the 31 October 1928 was used to remove the last trams in the city.
With the acceleration of the urban development of İzmir during the Republican period, the trams were no longer sufficient for urban transportation. In the 1932, buses were also visible for the first time in the city streets along with trams. Buses were more modern and useful as a public transportation vehicle, and bus services were organized between Konak and Reşadiye for the first time in İzmir. In the process, it was started to be evaluated by the public that trams were a slower transportation means than buses. By the 1950s, the Izmir City Council had frequent meetings on the gradual lifting of trams. After long and controversial meetings, the Izmir City Council 19 agreed to the complete abolition of the trams on the February 1952, and the 2 trams, with an annual transition period; 7 was completely removed from the streets of Izmir on June 1954.

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