Boztepe Teleferik Hosted an Important Guest (Photo Gallery)

Boztepe Teleferik Hosted an Important Guest
Yesterday began his mission as Governor Kenan Farmer with the dust of his foot, President Seyit Torun'la Boztepe went with the cable car.

After the welcoming ceremony, Governor Kenan Çiftçi, who held a press conference in the Governor's Office and then examined the construction of the airport, received information by going to Boztepe with the cable car with President Seyit Torun upon his return to the city.

Governor Kenan Çiftçi, who had the opportunity to see the unique view of the cable car from the ski lifts, could not hide his admiration in the face of the panorama he saw when he appeared in Boztepe. A unique beauty wherever I look. I have great hopes for tourism in the future, Gelecek he said.

Governor Kenan Farmer, a long conversation with President Seyit Torun during the trip and review, from time to time working before sampling Kutahya'ya, the Army's future is very bright with this beauty, he said. Stating that he was born in Düzce, Governor Kenan Çiftçi stated that he himself was a hazelnut producer with hazelnut orchards.

Governor Kenan Çiftçi told the President Seyit Torun about the ropeway related to the cable car with the expression ti It was a great convenience and also a significant attraction on the way to Boztepe ad. " said.

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