Trolleybus legend will return to Istanbul

Yıldız Technical University organized the "Young Turkey Summit" was the scene of important releases in the transport sector. IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı said that trolleybus works are related to the BRT line.

Yildiz Technical University, 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, in the framework of the Youth and Sports Day events, 17-19 May, between which performs at Haliç Congress Center "Young Turkey Summit" was also hosted to a major transportation symposium. In the symposium organized under the title of ü Transportation and Information 2023 ı, IETT General Manager Dr. Moder. Hayri Baraçlı, THY General Manager Assoc. Dr. Temel Kotil, Türk Telekom Consumer Customer President Alim Yılmaz made a presentation. Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, followed the symposium.

Divided roads save lives

As someone who lost their relatives in a traffic accident, he pointed out the traffic safety provided by divided roads and he was appointed as the Head of Transportation Engineering and Logistics Department of Bahçeşehir University. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, du I remember my assistant in 1979, what I said in the first lesson, was the words of Halil Rifat Pasha, one of the Ottoman governors; 'You can not go where you are not' now according to the new version of our Minister Binali Yildirim, according to the double road you can not go, it is not. Turkey has made a major breakthrough in the double road, he also gave figures for; Over the last decade 16 thousand 200 miles per decade has been made to double the way. The head-on collisions with these roads have largely disappeared, with a reduction of 80 in fatal accidents. I'm saying that the face of this mutual collision, the climbing lane in the accident as an older brother and lost his brother, the road would have been forgiven that way if the path was today, '' he said.

IETT restructuring

IETT General Manager stated that they restructured their strategic plans within the framework of 2023 vision. Hayri Baraçlı said, Hay We have re-launched our mission for this purpose. Urban public transport is one of the most difficult transportation issues, we are trying to show an understanding of management that can reveal the needs of our citizens by going beyond a classical understanding. We would like to offer a public transportation to Istanbul, which will facilitate the city life and meet the environmental conditions. IETT, 142 is an annual institution, with knowledge and knowledge, and we are in an effort to fulfill our activities with an understanding that introduces this to the world. In doing so, we act with the principle of 4 E; we also take into account the economy, ecology, energy and efficiency. In the 2023 vision, cost effectiveness, financing and efficient use of money are among the most basic conditions for us. This understanding is not to say, 'Let's minimize the cost and minimize the satisfaction'. While making the minimum cost, we try to put forward an understanding that will make the maximum satisfaction ey.

Fuel is an important cost

Baraçlı emphasized that fuel is the most important cost element and said, maliyet Our resources are very important for us. There are no SCTs in both sea transport and air transport, but there is SCT in road transport. For us, fuel oil is very important, we have an annual fuel consumption of 300 million pounds. We have continuously applied systems for fuel saving. With this system, we went on a fuel saving between 3 and 5 in the metrobus line. Bu Stating that they have successfully used mobile application systems, Hayri Baraçlı also stated that there are trolleybus works related to the BRT line.

THY personnel

THY will continue to grow and voicing pride in being Turkey's THY General Manager Assoc. Dr. Basic Kotil; Uz If success doesn't come, it doesn't persist, it comes from our essence in our success. We are now at the 228 point, we have the fourth largest network in the world, and we have the first international flight. In 2023, our flight point will be 500, and our fleet will be 415 aircraft. We are the best in quality, good to come from here, everyone can take the plane everyone can be staff, but the staff of THY young. God bless them all, they show how much they love the company to strike, everyone's plane may be the staff of everyone, but everyone can not put their heart in the same place with the mind. Our young friends really put it out. Genç General Manager Kotil announced that he is the deputy chairman of the board of directors of Turkish Airlines.

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