Halk Bridge is an example

The public bridge in the Sarıçay bed divides Çanakkale into two.
In recent months, the effect of the water level rise after heavy rains in Sarıçay as a result of the bridge was faced with the collapse. The bridge that is located in the water is closed to use by the municipality teams and the bridge which was built by the citizens before and was connected to the land with the possibility of damaging the water is an example. The bridge that the municipality built and designed by a contractor came to the point of collapse due to the fact that its feet were in the water years later.
Now facing the danger of collapse of the bridge to be closed to replace the bridge with a new petition for citizens to apply to the municipality, yet not taking any action is still taking a reaction. Citizens who want to return the bridge, the bridge was built by the public years ago as an example of the expression, the same situation in order to prevent the bridge to be made in the new water should not have expressed their feet. Citizens who want the new bridge to be made in connection with the land, called the municipal authorities, said the bridge should be done as soon as possible.

Source: canakkaleolay


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