President Altepe gave information about Bursan's rail system investments

President Altepe gave information about Bursan's rail system investments
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the last 4 years from the transportation infrastructure and historical monuments until the restoration of 40 year by doing business have changed the face of Bursa, he said.

Bursa, with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality 59 year before the network of rail system is getting. 1892 in the rail system 1953 met in the city of Bursa, which lost the 49 by the end of the period of studies on the rail system network will reach the 59 km by the end of this period. Altepe gave information about the rail system investments. Bursa with these lines, the 41 miles used in active rail system. In addition, we decided to solve the transportation within the city center by rail systems. We have started the city lines with the 2009 kilometer Cumhuriyet Street-Davutkadı tram line. Although this period is not in the program, we are planning to complete Bursaray-Kestel line this year. In this way, the total length of the 22 31 rail system will have reached the length of the rail system lost years ago. We will solve the transportation problem within the city center. For this, works are going on about 4 and a half kilometer Sculpture-Garage tram line. In the majority of the main streets on the route, rail laying operations have been completed. T43hatt in the summer months we are aiming to be opened, UM he said.

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