Earth Shift

The road was closed for transportation due to the landslide that occurred in a part of the asphalt road at İkizdere Dam site of Incirliova-Tire road. The road that provides transportation of 15 villages in İncirliova district of Aydın is a [more…]


Motorways to the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has an Automatic Pass System (OGS) device in the '0002' license plate vehicle. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey today visited the Red Crescent Society Headquarters [more…]


Dursunbey Balıkesir Divided Road Construction

It is reported that intercity traffic will be impaired since the blasting will be done at certain hours until the end of the week due to the divided road construction works in Dursunbey district of Balıkesir. General Directorate of Highways of Balıkesir Governorship Bursa [more…]


KGS gone balance left

The most common complaint regarding the Quick Pass System (HGS) was the transfer of the remaining money in the Card Pass System (KGS). According to information received from the General Directorate of Highways (KGM) officials, [more…]


Bridges and highways

Amendment to the Law on the Organization and Duties of the General Directorate of Highways for the public offering of bridges and highways, followed by a management headed by the Privatization Administration. [more…]


TCDD and TÜVASAŞ were discussed

TCDD and TÜVASAŞ: MHP Sakarya Deputy Münir Kutluata, who continues his studies on the draft law discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the liberalization of railway transportation, Turkish Transport Sen Management and [more…]

34 Istanbul

Legal response to privatization of railways

Reaction from privatization of railways from Tüzel: Istanbul Member of Parliament Levent Tüzel reacted to the privatization of TCDD. Reminding the strike of the employees of the railways, Tüzel said, “Unions organized by railways, professional organizations, [more…]


Major investments in Diyarbakir

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi Eker stated that a 10 billion lira public investment was made in Diyarbakır in 9.4 years, and that the international airport will be completed in 2014, as well as tekstilkent and logisticskent. [more…]