The confluence of the road to Metrobus (Video)

Confluence on the road of Metrobus
At the top passage in Şirinevler in Istanbul, there was a stampede yesterday evening. A large number of people wanting to use the overpass for the metrobus and the metro had the risk of crushing. Police teams shut down the gate when a person fainted
The Şirinevler pedestrian overpass was locked in the evening due to the intensity. The pedestrians who used the overpass that Metro and Metrobus passengers used had to wait for a long time to get off the upper passage and to get out of the overpass. Due to the intensity of the 2 hour, some citizens rebelled against the situation. Due to the intensity started at 18.00, many citizens decided to go to Ataköy from Şirinevler. Police teams were sent to the scene for the locked overpass. There was frequent discussion between the police and the citizens working in Bahçelievler.
Police blocked the exit for about half an hour overpass and warned the pedestrians descending to the rush. Some citizens reacted to the situation by saying that they encountered the first time traffic to the upper passage. Some citizens said the overpass should be expanded. One citizen reacted to the situation by singing the song durum Çile Bülbülüm Bir.
The 2 4 person, who uses the disabled elevator, was stranded inside the elevator due to the failure of the elevator. Officers saved the stranded.
Due to the crowd on the overpass a woman fainted. Fenalaşan secluded woman thanks to the nurse, citizens with the help of the upper passage was downloaded. It was learned that the woman had a good health condition due to the danger of crushing. The pedestrian traffic started at 18.00 ended at 20.00.

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