Button Pressed on Coastal Design

The coastal design project started by bringing together the architect and designer of 100 close to XNUMX in Izmir. After the long-term closed-circuit works, concrete steps were taken.
In order to strengthen the ties between the people of Izmir and Mavişehir to İnciraltı, the coastline of 40 and the coastal design project aimed at redesigning the Gulf were taken for the first tender. Accordingly, in the context of the project project to be held on 26 March 2013, the traffic crossing in front of the Mithatpaşa Park will be taken at the bottom of the road crossing at Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı. the sea and the beach more comfortable benefit of urban, to be applied to noise and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere and the sea to be nested project foresees also the integration with the yayalaştırılıp the acquired areas on the highway crossing. In the area that will be built on the 400 meter long highway gateway, applications will be made to bring the city to the sea. The area in front of the Mithatpaşa Industrial Vocational High School, which is the point where the axis coming from Hatay is expanding, will be extended to the sea and will be organized as a new square with its green areas. By taking the road underground, the square will also move away from the heavy traffic noise. In addition, thanks to the new arrangement, the historical texture remaining on the land side of Mithatpaşa Park will become more visible and perceived. After the completion of the regulation, the Metropolitan Municipality is planning a ferry port and a local marina.
The application project will be completed within 90 days after the finalization of the tender and the delivery of the place will be completed and the project will be in the stage of implementation.
Initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the "people of Ontario to being applied Strengthen Relations with De Design Strategy Plan" study carried out by name, dating back to İnciraltı from Mavisehir 40 kilometers of coastline it aims to redesign and the Gulf. Most of Izmir, which is Turkey's most important architects of that form of urban and industrial designers 100 Over consisting of voluntary design framework in the Gulf Mavişehir-Alaybey, Alaybey-Alsancak Port, Alsancak Port-host and leaving the region 4 as host-Üçkuyular. İnciraltı Urban Forest from even provide freedom of movement and continuity in 40 km long and up to Mavisehir and not crossing the coast of the way to shore easy urban terraces to be more integrated with the sea of ​​Izmir, the project is aimed to be one that provides transportation, sea balcony, floating platforms, city beach such applications are envisaged.

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