Bursa Istanbul Seaplane will make its first flight in 1 April (Video)

Bursa Istanbul Seaplane will make its first flight in 1 April
18 will start the 1 in April. 18 seaplane flights will take place with the agreement between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Sea Bird Airlines.
The transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is Bursa Ulaşım A.Ş. (BURULAŞ) by the Golden Horn -Gemlik to be arranged mutually between the sea plane flights were held at the pier in Haliç. Speaking at the meeting, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, said that they made the beginning of a beautiful project. Altepe noted that they attach great importance to the integration of Bursa with Istanbul and that the capital of history and industry city of Bursa is a city that is producing and integrating with Istanbul. Altepe noted that they continued their activities in every field for the rapprochement of Istanbul and Bursa and they started their voyages with the Bursa Sea Bus as long as 2 months ago.
Recep Altepe, two cities between the two countries today by expressing the air connection by expressing, d Seaplanes 19 passenger capacity. Airplanes, 18 minutes to Bursa, Gemlik will reach. Likewise, the airplanes departing from Bursa will come to Balat in the heart of Istanbul. We know the value of time. Therefore 14 million inhabitants, the heart of Istanbul, Turkey's economy, Bursa rapprochement is very meaningful for us, "he said.
Altepe said that they expect the flights to make significant contributions to Bursa industry and tourism, ve Ticket prices 100 lira. Our goal is not to make money, but to serve. Hedef Altepe, the increase in the number of flights and voyages in case of increased demand.
Sea Bird Airlines Director General Kürşad Arusan stated that the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality officials came to them and said that they had an initiative and said:
“We were very pleased with that. With the support of them, we decided to start Istanbul-Bursa line in cooperation with them. We started to introduce sea aviation with our own opportunities. Now we think that this growth will be more with this kind of contributions. We hope to increase the number of aircraft in the coming days, we plan to serve a large number of passengers. Twin Otter is one of the world's safest sea planes, but also capable of flying on land. We can also make a flight on snow with the sled. A type of aircraft that can be used in three ways. Currently, we will be operating with the most widely used 19 passenger capacity dual-engine seaplane. "
On the other hand, in the introduction of the seaplane flights between Bursa-Istanbul and 18 minutes, approximately 15 minutes-long trial flight with Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe and Sea Bird Airlines General Manager Kürşad Arusan and a group of TC-SBA tail registered seaports including journalists They did.
According to this, 1 was planned to be scheduled between April and 7 twice a day between the Sea Plane Platform in the Golden Horn and Gemlik Port. The flights will take place in 08.30 with 18.00 in the morning and 09.15 in the morning from Gemlik Port and 18.45 in the evening. Meanwhile, the 100 TL tickets for seaplane flights were announced for sale from BURALAŞ website and call centers.

Source : I haber.stargazete.co

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