Trams from China to Samsuna are coming

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Operator Samulaş A.Ş will buy 5 light rail system vehicles from the Chinese CNR company. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Operator Samulaş A.Ş. with Chinese [more…]

14 Bolu

Giant Attack for Boluda Tourism

Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yılmaz stated that they are preparing to open Gölcük Nature Park to world tourism and said, “We will build a hotel in Gölcük. At the same time, we want to prevent vehicle entry by establishing a cable car line, ”he said. Gölcük, decorated with pine trees and famous for its natural beauty [more…]


RayHaber 18.02.2013 Tender Bulletin

Procurement of Acupliman Socket Acupliment Plug (TÜVASAŞ) 15 Pen Locomotive Various Electric and Electronic Materials (TÜLOMSAŞ) Kartal Kaynarca Metro Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply Installation and Commissioning Works Construction Work Similar News:RayHaber 02.01.2013 Bidding BulletinRayHaber [more…]

the president will extend the 10 km towards erdogan ankarayi mamaka
06 Ankara

What are the features of Ankaray and Ankara Metro?

Ankaray and what are the characteristics of the Ankara Metro line Dikimevi-Aşti Ankaray Turkey's first railway system is Ankararay. It entered service on 30 August 1996. Situations related to the time between flights, such as hours of the day, weekdays, weekends and passenger density [more…]

34 Istanbul

Point of the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge

The Point Arrived at the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge The details of the bridge built right next to the Unkapanı Bridge. Architect Hakan Kıran said that the tower legs of the newly built bridge were immersed and fixed 110 meters from the sea floor and added, 'The Süleymaniye Mosque's [more…]


TÜVASAŞ's goals are high

TÜVASAŞ's goals are high. There are many topics to write about, but I want to talk about TÜVASAŞ. Turkey has great importance in the development of our province Agricultural Equipment Factory, Sugar Factory and only factory in Adapazari TÜVASAŞ surviving without destroying our province and without specialized of TÜVASAŞ ... [more…]

16 Bursa

Elazığspor Coach Vural Yerli Ride on Tram | Bursa

Elazığspor Technical Director Vural Indigenous tram to Bindi Bursa Metropolitan Sanica participating in the test drive Turkey's first indigenous tram produced in the Municipality of consulting Pipe Elazığspor coach Yılmaz Vural, technologically said to have properties superior to those of Germany. [more…]


High Speed ​​Train to Suadiye

Suadiye Mobilized for High Speed ​​Train Works on the High Speed ​​Train are continuing at full speed, although there are criticisms in some places due to the haphazard work of the contractor, an intensive work is being done in our city for the YHT project. In our city [more…]

36 Kars

Snow Thickness in Erciyeste was 240 cm

Erciyes Ski Center in the snow thickness of Turkey's major ski centers has reached 240 centimeters. Organized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality for the Erciyes Snow Festival, the ski center reached a record in terms of snow depth. Snow up to 206 centimeters maximum in winter [more…]

10 Balikesir

TCDD Bandırma - Balıkesir - Manisa - Menemen Line Electrification Facilities Establishment tender 1., 2., And 5. and the approval of the Board of Directors has been completed.

New developments have been recorded in the tender for the Establishment of Electrification Facilities for the Bandırma - Balıkesir - Manisa - Menemen Line Section of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; 1., 2., and 5. parts of [more…]

15 Burdur

Teleski Malfunction in Burdur Salda Ski Center

Teleski Failure in Burdur Salda Ski Center The teleski line operating in our district Salda Ski Center is not open to the service of our people between 18-19 February 2013 due to a technical problem. Your information. Source: saldakayakmerkezi.net Similar News: Chairlift in Yedikuyular Ski Center and [more…]

01 Adana

TCDD Kayseri - Boğazköprü - Ulukışla - Yenice, Mersin - Yenice - Adana - Toprakkale Line Electrification Project Evaluation studies on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th parts of the construction tender were completed and the Board of Directors approval was obtained.

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of 01 February 2012 Day, the proposals were collected, Kayseri - Bogazkopru - Ulukisla - Yenice, Mersin - Yenice - Adana - Toprakkale Line Building Electification Plants [more…]

38 Kayseri

Snow Thickness at Erciyes Ski Center

Erciyes Ski Center in Snow Depth Make Summit was located at Erciyes snow depth of 235 centimeters important winter tourism centers of Turkey has reached its highest level rises season. In the winter period, previously reaching 206 centimeters [more…]

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