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Last week, a news story in the newspaper boiled in the agenda, gone Geçen
I don't know, maybe it wasn't taken seriously, but I couldn't stop writing two lines about this development that surprised me.
The point is that;
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has a brilliant idea to solve the congestion in the traffic of İzmit city ışık
Yahya was thinking of putting a trolley bus between Kaptan-Sekapark and they started their research.
My age is kept, but for those who have never met in your life, let me briefly state;
Trolleybus is a kind of bus that takes its power from the electric lines hanging along the road with the help of two horns.
The horns cling to the wires, the vehicle is moving electrically.
My guess is he's been using it since the Stone Age.
It is a technology so old that we no longer have a trolleybus in our country.
Although he said that the project is in Samsun Samsun, explaining the project, but I did not find such a small research study.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in April, such an idea has taken the idea; no more voices from the trolleybus bir
Trolleybuses working in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir; They had already been lifted many years ago because they were slow and had to turn the traffic up and down on the road frequently.

Now the Metropolitan is considering bringing this system to Izmit.
Believe me, I have difficulty understanding İnan
Why, trolleybus?
When the folks are building the 4 high-rise underground beneath the ground, why don't we invest our money in this old technology?
Trolleybus running in the city of Izmit;
We will rely on our electricity delivered at the mercy of SEDAŞ;
Our ways of not even lifting existing public transport?
Metropolitan authorities should be aware of the project's leg.
'Solution troleybüste' when you say, both themselves and us to believe how wonderful trolleybus transportation;
He still used trolleybuses for example Rome, Athens, Lyon and San Francisco.
I'm going to laugh ...
True, in these cities the trolleybus runs but;
From the Roman metro 1955,
From the Lyon Metro 1978,
The Athens subway has been in operation since 2000.
I don't even mention America.
In other words, no world city sees the trolleybus as the only solution to solve the traffic problem.
The guys already solved the transportation problems under the ground, the trolleybus also did not remove.

It is not yet certain whether Allah will apply the project jen
Now a delegation from the Greater Metropolitan Municipality will go to Switzerland to conduct research on the company producing trolleybuses.
No big project has been promised so far, but it is not clear; Like the blind eye's finger, it will hold.
This is why I have to ask the Metropolitan, Bu
Okay, we understand the election is coming, but please come up with some more mind-boggling, close-up projects.
If we're going to make an investment like a man, you'll have to do something;
Let's not take 5 year after year.
For the last forty years,
The trolleybus did not even know what the new generation was. I'm sorry to put it out, but it's a little funny.


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