Our Conference on Railroad Adventure from Past to Present

Üze Our Adventure from the Past to the Present işt Conference
Dumlupınar University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty Member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Arif Kolay: Eskişehir has become a center of attraction when the railway reaches the city Ar
Turkish January Eskişehir Branch, Railroad Adventure from Past to Present conference was held.
In the statement made by the Eskişehir Branch of the Turkish Quarries, Dumlupınar University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty Asst. Assoc. Dr. Arif Kolay, the history of railroads were informed about the recorded.
Explaining the contribution of the railways to the province of Eskisehir, said the following statements:
Imize The first train to our province on the Istanbul-Baghdad Railway route was reached in 1894. When a train departing from Istanbul in the morning reached Eskişehir, it did not go any further and the passengers were spending the night at the hotels in Eskişehir. In order to meet the maintenance and repair needs of the trains passing through Eskişehir in the course of the journey, we decided to build a draw frame workshop in Eskişehir with the advice of German technicians and this is the core of today's Tülomsaş facilities. After reaching the city, the city has changed radically and became a center of attraction. Due to the contribution of the railway to the transportation facilities, the new immigrant villages were formed and the population of the city increased rapidly.

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