"MERSİNTAŞKENT BETWEEN KLM: 12 M. LENGTH SEWING CHANNEL 435 M. XYUMX 18 200 XYUMX AND REMOVING THE WATER WITH Q 4734 SCREEN WINDING PIPES Ğ construction work will be provided by DIRECT PROCESS according to 22 / d of Public Procurement Law No. XNUMX. Detailed information about the direct supply is as follows:
1 - Administration
b) Phone number: 0322 4536914
c) Fax number: 0322 4585371
d) The address where the direct supply document can be seen
: Kurtuluş Mah. Atatürk Cad. 01120 Sheikh / ADANA
2 - Direct supply
a) Qualification, type and quantity: SHOWED BY METRAJ.
b) Location: Between MERSİN and TAŞKENT
c) Duration of work: 30 is calendar day from delivery
3 - Direct Supply Work
a) The address of the proposals: TCDD 6. Regional Directorate Road Service Directorate ADANA
b) Address of the direct supply: TCDD 6. Regional Directorate Road Service Directorate ADANA
c) ​​posted on the Internet at: 13 / 11 / 2012
d) Direct supply date: 20 / 11 / 2012
e) Direct supply time: 10: 00
f) Direct meeting of the procurement commission: TCDD 6. Regional Directorate Road Service Directorate ADANA
1 - All documents required in this Specification as a condition for being able to participate in the direct procurement, including the letter of bid and the bid bond, are placed in an envelope or package. The name, surname or trade name of the tenderer on the envelope or the package, the address of the notification open to the notification, the work of the tender and the address of the Administration shall be written. The sealed place of the envelope is signed, sealed or stamped by the tenderer. The tenders shall be submitted to the Contracting Entity (where the bids will be submitted) for the receipt of order no.
2- If the tenderer who does not make the contract does not make a contract within the period specified in the procurement document, the bid bond shall be registered without any objection and the contract shall be signed with the second company. Bidders accept this in advance. After signing the contract, the temporary warranties of the other tenderers shall be returned to them.
3- Tender letters do not wipe or scrap. Quotation, text and numbers are offered. Text and number mismatch overrides the proposal.
4- Offer prices are without VAT. VAT is also paid.
5- The direct decision to be made by the decision of the Commission, 6, which is decided to be made on the basis of the guarantee, to keep the order until the end of the administration, stamp duty and the contract is obliged to sign.
6- Bids will be presented in Turkish Lira.
7- The name, surname or trade name of the tenderer, the address of the tender, the address of the Contracting Entity, the address of the Contracting Entity, and the signing or stamping of the place of the envelope are examined. Envelopes that do not comply with these issues are not evaluated with a minute.
8- Bidders are considered to have read and reviewed all the documents in the scope of the direct supply file and know how the work is done. If the bidder, after giving the bid, gives up the bid with a justification or asks for cancellation, the provisional guarantee shall be recorded without any provision.
9- The economically most advantageous offer is the lowest of the prices offered.
10- Viewing and receiving the direct supply: The direct supply document can be seen and received at the address of the administration.
11- Offers, Directly supplied (End bidding) up to the date and time TCDD 6. Regional Directorate of Road Service Directorate will be delivered by hand.
12- The tenderers shall submit their bids on the turnkey basis in accordance with the letter of tender given by the contracting entity. As a result of the direct supply, a turnkey lump sum contract shall be signed with the request made directly upon supply.
13- The validity period of the bids is 45 calendar days from the date of receipt.
14 - Partnership or Consortium cannot be offered directly.

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