Binali Yildirim explained the Marmaray project at CNN International

CNN International 'The Gateway' program published in Istanbul made its last publication. Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, who is a guest of the program, told the Bosphorus and Marmaray Project
Becky Anderson came to Istanbul last month 'The Gateway' program was published yesterday evening. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim told Istanbul. One of the most remarkable programmers of the last period, Anderson prepared a visit to the world 's most important centers of' The Gateway 'examined the Bosphorus.
In the lightning program, the importance of the Bosphorus and the Marmaray Project are mentioned. If we consider that the 87 of trade and transportation is provided by sea, we can understand the importance of Istanbul in maritime trade. Currently 400 2.500 small boat carrying more than a thousand people a day in addition to our local traffic, as well as large container ships and crude oil tankers from north to south passes. We've overloaded the Bosphorus. One day 150 thousand people will travel from Asia to Europe with Marmaray. This will make the local traffic more secure 'he said.
The repeat of the program 1 will be released on 10.45 on December Saturday and the 2 will be released on 00.15 on 19.45 on December Sunday.
Marmaray learned the history of the city 8500 year
Minister Yildirim, Marmaray 's difficulties during the construction of the described: The challenge now is to keep the historical part. The tunnel is under a historic area. Each piece of land is being examined by archaeologists. We stop when we're told to stop. So we lost five years, but we are not unhappy, we have contributed to reveal the history of the city. Before Marmaray, the date of Istanbul was known as 2500 year. With the archaeological excavations, we understood that the city's history dates back to 8500 years.

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