Behiç Erkin was Commemorated at the Tomb

Türkiye Republic Devlet RailwaysI was the founder and the first General Manager of Behiç Erkin. anniversary of the monumental tomb in Eskisehir was commemorated.

Commemoration ceremony train Behiç Erkin located next to the memorial forest in the memorial cemetery was made. Deputy Governor Ömer Faruk Günay, CHP member of the General Assembly Erdal Sanli, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations, railway employees and lovers attended.

After the wreath and flowers were presented to the memorial grave, Deputy Governor Günay made a statement. Behiç Erkin Günay emphasized the importance given to the Turkish transport, "Railways is one of the most important names who contributed in bringing the business to Turkey. Behiç Erkin's work outside the railway is also not counted. He would have liked to be grateful if he were with us and could see the current railroad's successes. 51 of his death. anniversary, we remember him with respect, "he said.

Behiç Erkin's commemoration ceremony ended with applause after the prayers.

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