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IRIS Certification
IRIS Certification

Show your value as a quality company in the international rail transport sector with IRIS Certification IR
The privatization of European rail transport gave rise to a summary of the railway industry. With increasing competition, especially in the commodity market of the European Union, railways need to comply with the restrictive rules as well as, ready-to-move ın transport systems that meet the many different needs of individual countries. In parallel. railway operators expect the railway supply industry to remain competitive and provide proven solutions that meet the highest quality standards for cars, installations and operating equipment.

What is IRIS Certification?

IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) is an initiative led by the European Union of Railways Industries IUNIFEI and is widely promoted and supported by the four largest system manufacturers [Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom, Ansaldo-Breda]. IRIS internationally recognized quality standard ISO 9001 is based on.

Exclusive to the railway industry of ISO 9001. It is a complementary extension designed for the evaluation of management systems. The main purpose of IRIS is to improve the quality and reliability of railway vehicles produced by improving the entire supply chain.

It does so by asking suppliers to follow strict and common procedures.

What are the main benefits?

  • As a quality supplier company, proof of the status of your company
    • International recognition and recognition in the railway industry: IRIS certified companies are included in the UNIFE database used by the buyers of the main railway industry manufacturers.
    • Quality improvement throughout the entire supply chain: improved product quality and an effective procedure chain due to standardized requirements
  • Maintaining contracts in the industry provides a definite advantage for expert suppliers.
    • Cost savings: reduced costs through integrated certification for both ISO 9001 and IRIS due to equivalent terms of qualification
  • Time saving: a large number of your customers, instead of individual controls, offers a single overall audit.


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