Turkey's young bus fleet owners to Bursa Fresh Blood

In Bursa, the 5 new bus, which has an eco-friendly Euro 16 engine, was launched.
The number of buses with 154 reached 300, while the average age of the fleet dropped below 2.
Aiming to spread Bursa's transportation network to a wider range with its investments in maritime, airway and rail system, the Metropolitan Municipality makes urban road transport more comfortable. The Metropolitan Municipality, which modernizes the public transportation vehicles day by day, has also integrated the 5 bus with the new environmentally friendly Euro 16 engine. The bus fleet of the Metropolitan Municipality of 154 has been upgraded to 300.
Public transportation is becoming comfortable
Mayor Recep Altepe, who made the first ride of the new buses, said that they are working to make Bursa more livable and accessible by means of transportation investments. President Altepe emphasized that the demands of the people and the city's biggest necessity are about transportation. Although we extend the network of railways, it is the only way to prevent traffic density in the city center; popularize public transport. For this purpose, we renew all our vehicles in public transportation according to the requirements of the age. The new 5 bus with an environmentally friendly Euro 16 engine starts. With these vehicles, our bus number 154 has reached 300. Our average age also fell below the xnumx'n, Turkey, we have one of the youngest fleets, "he said.
Transportation from transportation
President Altepe underlined that there is no money for the new model 80 bus for the last model buses. In These vehicles bought by Burulaş pay their own costs. Burulaş is also dedicated to transportation investments. Thus, an additional burden is not brought to our municipality. Bö
President Altepe, then one of the buses in the Burulaş field did the first ride.

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