Mayor Topbas spoke recently about the metropolitan metro and metrobus

Topbas also evaluated the transportation problem of Istanbul, Hayrettin'in alternative metrobus ads were also asked. Topbas, who watched the footage in live broadcast, said, baş Something witty, of course. But this is not so. Ama Topbaş also evaluated the claims that Kılıçdaroğlu's Istanbul metro was made more expensive than the İzmir metro, said: İzmir İzmir cannot be compared to those here. The system underneath the lightweight subway, a system in a stream together., He said.
Of course they prepared something witty. But that's not all. Of course we know it's a nuisance. The metro is right here. It is difficult to carry such a large capacity with buses. But there was nothing else we could do in a short time and cheaper. If this was not even the BRT, how could the city be able to remove the intensity there? It is not possible to solve this situation by putting more buses. There is an arrangement work for short distance and long distance. Desire to do the metro, it is a long-term business. Both time and financial means are required.
Our Ministry of Transportation made Izmir's half-rail system. Now he is doing Ankara. We also requested. When the law came out, they said çek good law to Gokcek and Topbas Yasa. We haven't seen any more. We were able to give two pieces with insistence. From Levent to Boğaziçi University, they will make a line to Seyrantepe with a line of 5 km.
Kadir Topbas also mentioned the claims that the Istanbul metro was made more expensive than the Izmir metro. I There are those who think that it is a trick to compare everything to Istanbul, söyl said Topbas. All the systems of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality except Marmaray, which have been made so far, are completely investments made by the municipality's own budget. Kılıçdaroğlu, Ankara's money is expressed. But he needs to know very well, our budgets are already given in our councils. We have no share other than our share of provinces bank and taxes collected in Istanbul. Ankara certainly did not share a share.
Kılıçdaroğlu “Kadıköy-The cost of the Eagle line is 140 million TL, the cost of the Üsküdar-Ümraniye line is 63 million TL and this is done by the ministry. ” says. Someone who is a candidate for mayor in Istanbul should know that this line is made by our municipality and has nothing to do with the Ministry… İzmir cannot be compared with these. Kadıköy-The capacity of our Maltepe-Kartal line in one direction per hour is 70 thousand people. It carries 30 thousand people in Izmir. Something in the creek, under that light subway.

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