Umut Oran, earthquake resistance of buildings on the table laid on the table

CHP Istanbul deputy Umut Oran, Istanbul due to the trauma of buildings on the edge of the railway road due to the earthquake resistance of buildings in the direction of the progressive weakness has moved to the Grand National Assembly. Umut Oran asked the Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Erdogan Bayraktar whether the buildings on the side of the railway in Istanbul have been specially checked.
Oran, Minister Bayraktar asked the Parliament to respond to the question in the motion, "Istanbul's Bakirkoy District Yenimahalle 10 July Street, the majority of the buildings on the edge of the railroad, the impact of the earthquake of 1999 has lost the resilience of a large extent, it is said to become dangerous," he said.
Is there any joint check with TCDD?
The rate, Bayraktar'a, 'In particular, this street, especially on the railroad, a special inspection and reinforcement work on buildings on the road do you have? In the last jolts caused by train and control of buildings on the line due to vibration, if necessary, the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's you or any contact, did the collaboration? What is the result of the work done in this direction? Old asked the questions. Oran, the other questions included in the motion are as follows:
Istanbul 3. Is the region ready for the earthquake?
Eler - What are the works of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the province in terms of strengthening the structures against earthquakes?
- Earthquake preparation and construction stock strengthening, within the scope of renovation Arnavutköy, Avcilar, Bagcilar, Bakirkoy, Basaksehir, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Catalca, Esenyurt, Gungoren, Kucukcekmece and Silivri districts and what are the work carried out by you, what are the end of these works ?
- How much of all the building stock in Istanbul is now unconformable to the earthquake? How much budget is needed to renew the building stock in terms of strengthening against earthquake? To what extent do you plan to cover this budget from sources? What is the forecasting schedule for this conversion? Bu

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